Direct and Digital Marketing

Module code: MARK 5065

Module description

So many of us have hunted for a cheap air fare or ferry deal on the internet, for example. Customers know what they want, and are empowered to get it.

Modern marketers are rising to this challenge, and are producing highly targeted campaigns in digital and niche media which engage their specific audiences and encourage dialogue, interaction and especially results. Today some businesses might choose to operate entirely on the internet as an e-commerce venture, while others might use it as a single element within a multi-channel strategy alongside a high street retail presence or niche magazine or TV campaigns.

This module asks you to think about the properties of various direct and digital media and how they are used, and how they can be applied correctly and effectively in modern marketing.

Students on this module will also receive exemption from the internationally recognised Institute of Direct Marketing(IDM) for a possible further professional qualification from that institute. Students sitting and passing the IDM Certificate in Direct and Digital Marketing Principles final exam will have their certificates awarded at the same time as their DMU Masters award, and would receive further nominals of Cert DMP.

Contact hours per student per year

  • Workshops: 30 hours


  • Group presentation 50%
  • Individual assignment 50%

Additional costs:

  • £50 Books
  • £100 IDM membership to take IDM exam (Not compulsory)