Additional costs and optional extras related to postgraduate business courses

Additional costs

Please note that some courses at DMU require additional expenditure by students, for instance to buy materials, print documents and travel to work placements.  While DMU offers a wide range of bursaries and excellent library resources to support learning activities, some additional cost is possible.

The core textbooks for all modules are available in the Kimberlin library, and journal articles on your reading lists are also available electronically from your myDMU login. Similarly, any other essential course material (including in some cases an electronic version of the core textbook) is available from the dedicated module site on the University’s virtual-learning environment.

Some students like to purchase their own copies of textbooks or print course documents. We suggest allowing up to £200 per year if you wish to purchase new textbooks, less for second hand.

For further information, please contact the admissions tutor for your programme.

Optional extras

There are no compulsory placements or trips associated with this programme, however, you will have the option of participating in #DMUglobal trips either as part of some of the modules or as an extra-curricular activity. These trips are subsidised by the university and the cost and the subsidy varies by location. Further details.