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Events 2014-15


Visible Bits Audible Bytes (VBAB) - Wednesday 22nd April 2015 at Phoenix Square

Join us at the next Visual Bits Audible Bytes (VBAB) in Leicester's Cultural Quarter for a concert comprising of composers from around the world showcasing the forefront of audio-visual composition.  

Max Hattler (Hong Kong)/Eduardo Noya Schreus (Canada) X (2012)

Mark Cheung (Singapore) / John Cage (USA) i! (2012)

Linda Antas (USA) All That Glitters and Goes Bump in the Night (2014)

Aristedes García (Germany) Hexagrama (2011)

Henry Chomette (France)/Todor Todoroff (Belgium) Reflets/Vitesse (1925/95)

Clive Walley (UK) Divertimenti: ‘Love Song’ (1994)

Clive Walley (UK) Divertimenti: ‘Life Study’ and ‘Slapstick’ (1994)

Jarosław Kapuściński (USA) United (2013)

Raven Kwok/+ (China) 1194D (2013)

Elainie Lillios/Bonnie Mitchell (USA) Sweeping Memories (2012)

Francesc Marti (Spain) Speech 2 (2015) 


MTI - Mix 4 - Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 18th March 7pm

Continuing our 15th birthday celebration – more works from our amazing team. The UK premiere of Simon Atkinson’s GRM (Paris) Commission and works by masters and doctoral students - David Holland’s piece was a finalist for the Bangor Dylan Thomas Prize 2014, Sam Topley performs her invented instruments - audio-visual, performance, acousmatics, story telling, soundscape and more -

Simon Atkinson                  Nocturne aquatique

David Holland                       The Force

Francesc Marti                    Speech 1

Panos Amelides                 The Pain(t)

Sam Topley                          untitled

Sam Warren                                    Shift

Robin Parmar                      Caged Bird

All welcome! Entry Free!


Two concerts as part of DMU's Cultural Exchanges Festival 2015


Philip Mead – piano with electronics and visuals - Concert Pace 1 Thursday 26th February 7.30pm


Philip Mead is one of Britain’s foremost interpreters of contemporary piano music, and has commissioned and premiered a vast number of works in the last thirty five years. He is a Research Fellow at the University of Hertfordshire. He is founder and artistic director of the British Contemporary Piano Competition, held every three years since 1988. He completed an MA at MTI, De Montfort, in performing with live electronics in 2007.

Hugi Gudmundsson (music) with Bret Battey (live visuals) Triptych Unfolding (piano, electronics, live visuals) (2014)

Neal Farwell Songs and Shards (piano, electronics) (2012)

Simon Emmerson Microvariations II (piano, electronics) (2015)

Richard Hoadley (music) with Katharine Norman (text) How to Play the Piano in 88 notes (piano, projection) (2014)


Annette Vande Gorne - ‘Text, Voice, Gesture, Space’- Seminar & Concerts Pace 1 Wednesday 25th February 1pm, 7.00 & 8.30pm

The programme features two concerts of work by this leading Belgian composer - one performed by Annette Vande Gorne herself, followed by a programme of performances by UK based colleagues and former students. Annette Vande Gorne, one of Belgium’s leading composers, has been Professor of electroacoustic composition at the Royal Conservatories in Liège, Brussels and Mons. She founded the Musiques & Recherches and the Métamorphoses d’Orphée studios (Ohain). She also founded the festival and performance competition L’Espace du son (Brussels) and the composition competition Métamorphoses.

1-2pm: Annette Vande Gorne will talk about her work with examples.

7-8.10pm: Concert Annette Vande Gorne – ‘Text, Voice, Gesture, Space’

Vox Alia (1995-2000)

Yawar Fiesta acte II (opéra acousmatique) (2012/2007)

Au-delà du réel (2013-2014)

8.30-9.30pm: Concert friends –

John Young  An Angel at Mons (2014)

Louise Rossiter       Tout Autour de la Montagne (2014)

Virginie Viel   I belong to the sea (2015)

All welcome!


The Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research (BEER) - Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 11th February 7pm

The Birmingham Ensemble for Electroacoustic Research (BEER) was founded in 2011 as a research project to explore aspects of realtime electroacoustic music making. Particular interests include networked music performance over ad hoc wi-fi systems, and live coding (programming music in real time using algorithms that can be altered while they are running). In keeping with post-free jazz developments in improvisation (e.g. John Zorn, Anthony Braxton), we create structures in software that impose limitations and formal articulations on the musical flow (with networked software systems serving as intervention mechanism / arbiter / structural provocateur par excellence). Musical influences run the gamut from Iannis Xenakis to Journey.

Members include Norah Lorway, Konstantinos Vasilakos, Luca Danieli, Tsun Yeung, and Scott Wilson. For this performance we’ll present a selection of pieces from the ensemble’s repertoire, including the premiere of a new work by Norah Lorway.


Works from NOTAM (Oslo) - Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 14th January 7pm

Magnus Bugge and Jøran Rudi present works from NOTAM, Norway’s national electronic music studio. The centre operates on several levels within the Norwegian music and arts scene, and in the international music technology environment. We provide support to musicians and artists, and develop our own music technology. Notam's users are students, musicians, artists, composers, dancers, sound technicians, film workers, and others who find the combination of music, art and technology interesting.

Magnus Bugge        Matrise (2014)

Andrew Hill               Stille Lyd: Part I – NOTAM (2014)

Jøran Rudi                Concrete Net (1997)

Gyrid Nordal Kaldestad     Losing Control: Part I and Part II (2011)

Andrew Hill               Stille Lyd: Part II – Høvringen (2014)

Arne Nordheim        Solitaire (1968)


The Dirty Electronics Ensemble & Marij van Gorkom – Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 10th December 7pm

Marij van Gorkom (bass clarinet and electronics) plays new works written specially for her. She has an international reputation as an exponent of this instrument in new music. Marij has recently joined MTI as a research student.

Paul Wilson - Dark Mission [2013]

Adam Basanta - Synchronicity ain’t no thing [2014]

Kasia Glowicka - Midnight Choirs [2014]

Gleb Foulga - Substances [2014]

Kajsa Lindgren is an exchange student composer from The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. She has been working with MTI’s Dirty Electronics Ensemble (director John Richards) which makes a uniquely innovative contribution to musical life!

Kajsa Lindgren - Coalesce (five performers and 8-channel electroacoustic material)


MTI/MTP & alumni Mix – Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 26th November 6&7pm

PACE Studio 1a, 6.00-7.00pm

Rob Martland presents Lysik’s, an audio-visual installation considering one person’s experience of the neurological sense fusing condition of synaesthesia.

PACE Studio 1, 7.00pm
Current students are joined by friends and recent alumni to present a concert which celebrates their musical activities on, on the cusp of, beyond, or surrounding their MTI/MTP studies. The programme includes:

Holy Bones (Paul Keene and Ben Stirk): formed in 2007, Holy Bones 'take the old and create the new, ripping apart vinyl from jumble sales and crate digging until fingers are sore!'

Banderbear (Rob Martland and Ethan Wallace): a collaboration established during undergraduate studies at MTI. They describe their music as being wilfully 'brooding and intense'.

Curated by Pete Batchelor.


MTI Mix 2 - Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 12th November 7pm

Michael Young  Piano Prosthesis
Michael recently joined DMU as Pro-Vice Chancellor (Teaching and Learning). He performs this interactive piano/computer piece himself.

Virginie Viel  Nuage Noir
Virginie recently joined MTI as a research student after a Masters at Mons (Belgium) including studies with Annette Vande Gorne and Elizabeth Anderson.

Simon Atkinson  afterimages
A new work evoking the rich and mysterious sounds of nature, exploring composition as landscape.

Louise Rossiter  Cyclic Motions
Louise is a PhD research student in MTI - she has just returned from a composing residency in Montreal.

Marinos Giannoukakis  Musica Universalis
A new work for computer-generated graphics and 8-channel sound. Marinos is a PhD research student in MTI.


MTI Mix 1 - Concert Pace 1 Wednesday 22nd October 7pm

Ben Ramsay  Reload - Refract – Repeat
Ben completed his doctorate with MTI last year with these pieces which cross over between electronica and acousmatics.

Panos Amelides The Olympic Games Piece
Panos continues his explorations of electroacoustic storytelling.

Simon Atkinson interiorities viii
A new work in the interiorities series from the master of sustained and intricate atmosphere.

Elliott Murray  Chop Boss In Action
Elliott (third year MTI BA student) won Spotify’s Midihack contest in Stockholm in June with his own Max-based instrument the Chop Boss.

djSniff and JohnRichards performing