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Staff in the Leicester School of Architecture (LSA), part of the Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities, are actively engaged in community and practice based research that is of interest to a wide audience of beneficiaries in the non-academic community. These include: architectural practitioners; urban designers and social scientists involved in interpreting, making and remaking the city, local communities; local authorities; professional bodies; cultural history and archaeology; national and international audiences (eg UN-Habitat); and committees and relevant government boards.

As members of advisory panels for professional bodies, peer reviewers for UK research council, board members of journals, members of scientific committees for international conferences, staff are engaged in discussions with academic and non-academic communities concerning architecture’s role and ways to promote high quality research.

Our research work ranges from technical and empirical research to practise based outputs i.e. understanding the processes through which the making of the built environment constitutes and consolidates our cultural understandings to the new insight into the creation of the digital representations of heritage buildings.

The research profile in the School is growing, and new Masters programmes offer students a wide range of approaches to Architectural Design and Sustainability through the introduction of ‘Research Units’. Each unit is led by a leading researcher and practitioner within the School of Architecture, offering specialist guidance and support for students developing their own individual research questions and identities. These programmes are designed to provide a pathway to PhD level and this should help create a vibrant and productive research environment for postgraduate students.

REF 2014

The Leicester School of Architecture is submitting to REF2014 UoA16, Architecture, Built Environment and Planning, and UoA34, Art and Design – History, Practice and Theory; staff are actively researching in the following groups:

1. Architectural Design: This research is focused on competitions, artifacts, exhibitions and publications relating to architectural design

2. Architectural History, Theory, and Criticism: This research is dealing with history, philosophy and critical debate surrounding architectural design

3. Developing World Built Environment:  This research  is focused on energy  and the built environment and design strategies to promote and encourage sustainability

Indicative research themes:

  • 3D virtual reconstruction
  • Architectural history and theory
  • Building physics and modelling
  • Climate and Architectural design
  • Digital building heritage
  • Economics of sustainable development
  • Exhibition design
  • Holistic approaches to planning city
  • Housing
  • Sustainability
  • Thermal comfort
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