Areas of expertise

All research activities in IESD   are designed to make positive contributions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are organised under two thematic areas:

Sustainable Energy Systems and Infrastructure

This research theme covers topics such as:

  • Sustainable Energy Systems - technologies and optimisation
  • Smart Grid paradigm through intelligent data analysis and heuristics
  • Electricity market structures and mechanisms of trading, fit for a net-zero regime and for inclusive participation
  • Low carbon transport infrastructure

Sustainable Communities

This research theme covers topics such as:

  • Supporting sustainable living in communities
  • Sustainable energy solutions for the base-of-the-pyramid population
  • Complex interrelationships between all aspects of sustainability
  • Wider socio-economic and environmental impacts around the world to support sustainable development 
  • Sustainable transport
  • Sustainable buildings
  • Resource use
  • Behaviour change
  • Education for sustainable Development
  • Circular economy
  • Challenges to and opportunities for just transitions
  • Learning from transition practices
  • Developmental discourse around community sustainability transitions
  • Urban water management
  •  Modelling and analysis of water infrastructures;
  • Resilience enhancement