The Holographic Research Group (HRG)

De Montfort University is home to one of the very few holographic research groups in Europe. Post-graduate students have access to the laser equipment, techniques and expertise required to make holograms within a doctoral education programme that is Practice-Based. It offers opportunities for both scientists and artists, photographers, digital media creators, game designers and professionals, to discover formal knowledge through individual practice within holographic display technology.



The Holographic Research Group is pleased to offer an extensive archive, and students are encouraged to make use of this unique facility during their study at DMU.

Impact, reach and significance

As part of our public engagement and outreach, the group promotes and demonstrates its research in schools and through noteworthy societies including the Royal Photographic Society and the Stereoscopic Society. Impact is evident in the number of international conferences attended by the group, including SPIE and ISDH, plus the number of peer-review papers published. All this, together with exhibitions, offer significant contributions to the impact, reach and importance of HRG’s research within the Faculty of Arts, Design & Humanities.

Research projects

  • Holographic Information Storage
  • Computer Generated Holography
  • Holosuite: An Exploration into Interactive Holographic Telepresence
  • Security Holograms: Methods and Applications of Optical Holography
  • Holographic Imaging for the Modern Museum
  • Fine Art Practice & Holographic Imaging

Contact information

Professor Siobhan Keenan

Professor Emeritus Martin Richardson

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Current Research :

Publications: The Hologram: Principles and Techniques, Wiley & Son’s– IEEE