Cinema and Television History Research Institute (CATHI) areas of expertise

The Cinema and Television History Research Institute promotes research in:

  • Women’s film and television history
  • British Cinema and Film Culture
  • Italian Cinema
  • Transnational Cinema
  • Silent Cinema
  • Cult Cinema
  • Bollywood and Independent Indian Cinema
  • Transmedia Adaptations
  • Heritage Cinema Culture and Period Television Drama
  • Film Ephemera and Material Culture
  • Audiences, Reception Studies and Memories of Cinema-going
  • Film Fandom, Fanworks and Social Media
  • Film exhibition and Cinema History
  • Film Festivals
  • Documentary theory and practice
  • Screen performance and star studies
  • 1960s and the counterculture

Centre for Adaptations

The international Centre for Adaptations brings together academics from Drama, English, History, Film Studies and New Media.

It hosts the journal, Adaptation (Oxford University Press) and the book series, Screen Adaptations (Methuen and Norton), organises workshops across universities in Europe and America, offers lectures during an annual cultural events week, and is home of the Association of Adaptation Studies which manages annual conferences (which have taken place in Leicester, Atlanta, Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Istanbul, London and Oxford).

It collaborates with Honorary Professor, Andrew Davies, who donated his rich and extensive archive to the centre in 2015.

Contact details

Professor Deborah Cartmell, Director of the Centre for Adaptations
Trinity House 05
The Newarke, Leicester, LE2 7B