A series of events to mark LGBTQ+ History Month

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This year will see the eighth annual #DMUpride celebrations held on campus, across Leicester and online, with an exciting month of diverse events taking place throughout February to mark LGBT+ History Month.

Running from Tuesday 1 to Monday 28 February, the in-person and online events are designed to raise awareness and celebrate the achievements of the LGBTQ+ community.


DMU Pride 2022 promises to be a vibrant and varied festival, jam-packed with diverse events that are truly representative of our LGBTQ+ community here at the university, as well as engaging with LGBTQ+ themes and issues in a wider sense.

We are greatly looking forward to celebrating and embracing identity, inclusion and diversity with our LGBTQ+ community and allies across DMU and Leicester, and we trust that DMU Pride 2022 will continue to provide stimulation and enrichment for our staff and students as a whole throughout the coming year.

Bethan Rogoyski, Chair of DMU's LGBTQ+ and Allies Staff Network


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Alumni stories

DMUpride 2022: Jack Wilkin

DMUpride 2022: Kevin Urquhart

DMUpride 2022: Andrew Brown (an ally of the LGBTQ+ community)

DMUpride 2022: Quinn Greytryx

Speaker introductions

DMU pride 2022: Charlie Martin

DMU pride 2022: Eva Echo

Rainbow Laces campaign

DMU is proud to support Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign, a symbol of inclusion across sport and fitness.

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