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DMU Pride

Marking LGBTQ+ History Month

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Wednesday 31 January to Thursday 29 February 2024

This year will see the tenth annual DMU Pride take place here at DMU, with an exciting month of vibrant events taking place to mark LGBTQ+ History Month. Running from Wednesday 31 January to Thursday 29 February, the in-person and online events are designed to raise awareness and celebrate the achievements of the LGBTQ+ community.

This year’s theme is ‘Medicine’ and celebrates LGBTQ+ peoples' contribution to the field of medicine and healthcare both historically and today.

Zara Hooley and Amelia Roberts, LGBTQ+ and Allies Staff network co-chairs said: “LGBTQ+ History Month (DMU Pride) is an important date in the calendar and we have some great events coming up at DMU this year including a showcase of the Andrew Logan collection, an event for LGBTQ+ families, and a DMU Pride fashion display.

DMU Pride is about all coming together to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. Please do sign up and attend events if you can, and join us for the DMU Pride Launch event on Wednesday 31 January in the Campus Centre. We would also like to encourage allies to attend and help to mark the month with the DMU LGBTQ+ community.

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