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DMU Pride

Marking LGBTQ+ History Month

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Wednesday 1 February to Tuesday 28 February 2023

This year will see the ninth annual DMU Pride take place here at DMU, with an exciting month of vibrant events taking place to mark LGBTQ+ History Month. Running from Wednesday 1 to Tuesday 28 February, the in-person and online events are designed to raise awareness and celebrate the achievements of the LGBTQ+ community.

This year’s theme is ‘Behind the Lens’ (#BehindTheLens), and celebrates LGBTQ+ peoples’ contribution to cinema and film from behind the lens, including directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, producers, animators, costume designers, special effects, makeup artists, lighting directors, musicians and choreographers. In addition, as LGBTQ+ lives are in the media, the theme also encourages you to look ‘Behind the Lens’ and listen to LGBTQ+ peoples’ lived experiences.



LGBTQ+ inclusion is vitally important here at DMU. As a university we strive through our policies and activities to support our LGBTQ+ students and colleagues. With DMU Pride 2023 we have the opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ+ history, culture and identity, as well as developing our understanding and awareness of issues that impact upon our LGBTQ+ students and staff.

Chris Hall, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Rainbow Laces campaign

DMU is proud to support Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign, a symbol of inclusion across sport and fitness.

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