Workshop: The challenge of India's urban waste management


You are invited to take part in an immersive workshop at DMU on Wednesday 9 October to explore social entrepreneurship in a global context and the challenge of India’s urban waste management.

The workshop is facilitated by a team from Paryavaran Mitra, a UNDP Partner and part of the DMU Square Mile India project, who have developed an innovative and successful social enterprise business model to solve this exact issue.

India Waste-Main

There are two key components of the workshop:

  • First, you will play the role of one of several stakeholders in this system

Put yourself into their shoes to build an understanding of their needs and concerns, through which you will understand the drivers of the current urban waste management problem.

  • Second, we invite you to help us to drive innovation

The urban waste management problem is vast and the solution needs to scale, while keeping women’s empowerment at the core of our focus.

Together we will tackle some key operational challenges such as:

  • Do you compromise on women’s income in the short term to scale the organisation for long term development?
  • How will you deal with conflict and competition from the incumbents in this sector?
  • What does it take to systematically solve this problem?

Explore the diverse perspectives to these questions and many others. If you solve this problem, you could:

The workshop takes place from 10am-5pm in the Edith Murphy Building room 4.08 on Wednesday 9 October. Reserve your place on MyGateway.

Posted on Monday 7th October 2019

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