It Takes a City to Raise a Child

Communication Arts students are telling the stories of children and families living on the breadline in Leicester this week.


Using a documentary featuring interviews with families and young people, and two immersive installations at DMU’s Mill Lane studios, they will show how issues such as poor mental health, poverty and hidden homelessness affect a child’s life chances.

The EXPO, called It Takes A City To Raise A Child, will put forward the students’ manifesto for change – aiming to urge communities to help improve the life chances of local children.

Staff and students are invited to see their work at an EXPO event tomorrow (Wednesday May 8) at 1 Mill Lane from 12 to 2pm. Everyone is welcome.

StudentRebecca Hardy said “We have worked hard as a group to come up with creative ways that we can draw attention and awareness to a topic that we are so passionate about.

“The life chances of children in Leicester is important to us and we are enthusiastic to use our skills to help start change for these children. I, myself am from Leicestershire, as are several of my course mates so this topic is something close to our hearts and I think most people have some experience with this, whether it’s themselves or people that they know.”

Keynote speaker is confirmed as Matt Lilley, of Focus charity which works with young people across Leicester.

Matt said: “The idea that ‘it takes a city to raise a child’ has never been more relevant than it is today. The isolation and loneliness that so many children and young people experience now, as support services are being withdrawn at an alarming rate, parents fear allowing their children out on the streets, and social media and the appeal of the online world are taking over their lives is a huge concern.

“We all have a role to play and a responsibility to act to support them in feeling that they are part of a supportive and loving community. At Focus, we are delighted to be involved in this Expo and hope that it will be a catalyst for change.”

To attend It Takes a City to Raise a Child, please email

Posted on Tuesday 7 May 2019

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