Your vote matters! General Election day Thursday 12 December


As you will no doubt be aware, the General Election is happening tomorrow, Thursday 12 December. We’re reminding all students that they can exercise their democratic right by voting in this important election as people across the country vote to decide on our future UK government.


Where do I vote?

There are two polling stations on campus, located in Trinity House and The Watershed. You can check where your local polling station is here.

You can vote from 7am – 10pm, although it is recommended that you don’t leave it until the last minute as polling stations can get busy.

When you get to the polling station you should give your name and address to the staff inside. The staff will then give you your ballot paper.

You do not need to have your poll card with you as you will be on the electoral roll if you registered to vote by the deadline.

Here are some useful “Do’s and Don’ts” to follow when voting on Election Day:


  • Check your poll card before going to vote as your polling station may differ to your classmates’. If you have lost your poll card, check your local polling station here.
  • Make it clear who you’re voting for. Put your mark in the box carefully next to the candidate you want to vote for. Let the polling station staff know if you have made a mistake so they can give you a replacement ballot paper, as long as you haven’t put it in the box already.
  • Ask for help if you have a disability and you can’t fill in the ballot paper yourself. You can ask the Presiding Officer to mark the ballot paper for you. If you have a visual impairment, you can ask for a large print ballot paper or a special voting device that allows you to vote on your own in a confidential space.
  • Follow #DogsAtPollingStations on Twitter for some light-hearted photos of animals on Election Day.


  • Take photographs from inside the polling station as you could inadvertently reveal how someone else has voted. It is illegal to share a photo of your ballot paper. You can take photos outside of the polling station to share on social media.
  • Vote more than once. Voting more than once is a criminal offence in a General Election, even though you may be registered at both your home and university address.
  • Wear clothing promoting a particular party as this could get you turned away from the polling station.

If you are voting in Leicester constituencies, here are the local candidates standing in the General Election:

Leicester East

  • Tara Baldwin - Brexit Party
  • Bhupen Dave - Conservative
  • Nitesh Dave - Liberal Democrat
  • Sanjay Gogia - Independent
  • Melanie Wakley - Green
  • Claudia Webbe - Labour

Leicester South

  • Jon Ashworth - Labour (incumbent)
  • Chris Coghlan - Liberal Democrat
  • Mags Lewis - Green
  • Natalie Neale - Conservative
  • James Potter - Brexit Party

Leicester West

  • Ian Bradwell - Liberal Democrat
  • Jack Collier - Brexit Party
  • Ani Goddard - Green
  • Liz Kendall - Labour (incumbent)
  • Amanda Wright - Conservative

You can read each of the main party manifestos below:

Brexit Party


Green Party


Liberal Democrats

Posted on Wednesday 11th December 2019

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