You said, we did: DMU to reduce the burden of assessments and change the way group work is graded


At DMU, we are committed to providing a great student experience. That’s why we’re always listening to you and are committed to acting on your feedback whenever and wherever possible. With this in mind, all four faculties have taken the decision to reduce assessments for all students during the current academic year and beyond following a comprehensive review of all courses and modules. This amounts to an average reduction of 25 per cent to assessments across the board.

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Why is DMU making this change?

Following the 2018 National Student Survey (NSS) and Course Level Feedback Survey (CLF) completed by final and first/second-year undergraduates respectively, a common theme emerged of students wanting a reduction in the amount of assessments. Many students felt they did not have enough time to meet the myriad of demands placed on them with the current level of assessments, especially in the run up to busy winter and spring/summer assessment periods. We believe the new threshold of assessments will lead to an improved student experience and enable you to be at your very best so you can achieve better module/course outcomes.

However, we’d also like to remind you that a key part of your academic experience and development is to handle tight deadlines and overcome pressurised conditions. The challenges and tests you encounter in your studies are what prepare you to thrive in your chosen graduate careers.

Changes to group work exercise

Another major theme that emerged in the student surveys was how group work was assessed. Students felt it was unfair to have a collective grading despite disparities in contributions. As a result, wherever possible, a personalised element will be introduced into group work assessments so students receive a fair grading that reflects their individual inputs as well as the overall outputs of the group exercise.

If you have any questions or queries about these changes please speak to your Programme Leaders. 

For more changes made in response to student feedback keep a look out for the new #loveDMU campaign which will launch in the coming weeks.


Posted on Monday 8th October 2018

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