Staff advice

  1. Where can I find IT guidance for DMU Staff?

    Please see our IT Staff Handbook.
  2. How can I change my password?

    You can manage your password via our Password Self Service. This facility allows you to change your password and set up security questions so you can reset your password in the event that you forget it.
  3. Where can I find information about LearningZone?

    For information regarding LearningZone please see our LearningZone Hub.
  4. Where can I find guidance on connecting to the university Wi-Fi (Eduroam)?

    Please visit the following link for guidance on how to connect to the University’s Wi-Fi system for current students.
  5. What is multi-factor authentication (MFA) and how can I set it up for my email address?

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a quick and effective way of strengthening the security of online accounts, forming a major defence in our ongoing battle against cybercrime. The threat to the university from cyber criminals continues to grow, so it is important to use MFA.

    You can learn more about MFA, including how to set it up on your email address, on the multi-factor authentication FAQ page.

    If you have any questions or problems that are not covered in the FAQ, please contact

  6. Where can I find answers to managers' FAQs for DMUHub tiles?

  7. Where can I find guidance for SAP, DMUhub and CRM related queries?

    Please view SAP Knowledge Hub for all help, guides and information regarding SAP, DMUhub and CRM related.
  8. How do I request IT access for a new starter?

    IT access can be requested by completing the relevant new starter form on the ITMS forms page.
  9. Where can I find information regarding MS Teams for Teaching?

    You can find information and frequently asked questions by visiting MS Teams Integration webpage.
  10. Where can find information on student access to Microsoft Teams?

  11. Where can I find IT support for working from home?

    Please visit our Working Remotely from Home or Off Campus page for more information on accessing IT services remotely.
  12. How can I access personal and departmental shared drives using a personal/non DMU device?

    Please view the Staff VPN Remote Access page for step-by-step instructions to access personal drive, shared drives, or the Terminal Services for personal devices.
  13. Where can I download SPSS and Nvivo from?

    SPSS and Nvivo can be downloaded from the library software page. Please select SAML and then login with your DMU Single Sign-On username and password.
  14. What access do staff have to Adobe software?

    All staff can access Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) for home use through signing in with their staff email, single sign-on ID and password.

    Downloading Adobe CC to a personal device:

    If you wish to download Adobe CC to your personal device you can do so by signing in to the Creative Cloud website and following the instructions to sign-in. You will be asked to provide your DMU email address and then taken to a DMU Single Sign-On page.

    After signing in you will be given access to Adobe CC and you can download the Adobe CC app and other services.

    Installing Adobe CC on a DMU computer:

    If you require access to Adobe CC apps on a DMU computer, there is a high probability they have already been installed on your machine. If this is not the case and you require Adobe CC for work purposes or teaching, you can request this through ITMS Service Desk's MyITSupport area and a desktop technician will contact you to assist you with the installation process.

  15. Where can I find information on DMU Labs - remote access for students?

  16. Can I download Microsoft 365 on my personal device?

    Microsoft 365 can be installed on staff personal devices (up to 5) by logging in to and selecting ‘Install Office’ (top right-hand side).
  17. Where can I find support for Microsoft 365 for staff?

    Please view the Microsoft 365 support page.
  18. How do I add my email inbox to my mobile device?

    Information about adding emails to mobile devices can be found on our self-service page.
  19. I need to access to an existing data storage area, what do I do?

    To request access to an existing data storage area, the Request Data Storage Access form needs to be completed by your line manager. You can submit the form on myITSupport page.
  20. How do I contact IT (ITMS) support?

    The self-service portal is available for current staff. You can use myITSupport to log calls or faults and track their progress. Please view the Quick Guide for quick view of what the portal can be used for.

    You can also call the ITMS Service Desk on 0116 250 6050 and speak to an analyst 24/7 or email