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Crucible Project members

  1. Alex Williamson - CODE Leather Goods

    CODE Leather Goods produce high quality contemporary leather accessories, designed and made by hand in the UK.  

    Focusing upon functionality without compromising on design, CODE Leather Goods offer a touch of luxury.

  2. Caroline Stillman - Carobella Boutique

    Carobella Boutique is a luxury shoe brand for women, specialising in larger sized shoes up to a size 11. Carobella products will range from the basics of comfortable ballet flats and sandals to stiletto shoes and boots. Caroline Boutique is unique as they specialise in designing shoes to help women with marfan syndrome and tall women find comfortable and fashionable shoes. In the future, the business aim to expand their product range into clothing and accessories.

    The main aim of the business and brand is to produce comfortable and fashionable shoes for sizes 8-11, whilst helping women who suffer from Marfan syndrome. Marfan syndrome is a health condition that is a genetic disorder affecting the connective tissues, making it harder for the connective tissues to develop and grow properly, this can affect many tall woman and cause them different problems with their feet especially making them larger than average.

  3. Corben Savage - Imaginate Visuals

    Imaginate Visuals grew from the dream to turn a concept into reality. Using state of the art technology to turn concept designs or plans into 3D digital models, which are then used to create a wide variety of digital imagery to allow a client to better visualise a design for themselves.

    These digital visualisations allow understanding a design to become as simple as looking at a photograph by turning plans and sketches into pictures or animations depicting the design with a level of realism and materiality which is impossible to convey through any other medium.

    Imaginate Visuals is willing to help every step of the way as much or as little is needed, from consultation to full service packages with client integration every step of the way as well as guidance as to how best use the produced media, be it render, animation, or virtual reality imagery.


  4. Elissa Grainger - Elissa Poppy

    Elissa Poppy strives to explore the limits of creativity in high fashion under wear and outer wear. The pioneer of Latex Lace, the up and coming designer holds a key interest in latex and aims to extract all the qualities that the material has to offer. Every garment is handmade with love in the UK and is finished to an exceptional industry standard. The attention to detail throughout the brand's collections highlights an ethos of quality design.

    After graduating from her degree in Contour Fashion BA (Hons) at De Montfort University, a world renowned course specialising in the design of lingerie, Elissa was selected to showcase her graduate collection 'Resplendent' on the acclaimed Contour Fashion catwalk in Covent Garden, June 2015. Since graduating Elissa Poppy is a recognised brand under the Prince's Trust Young Enterprise programme and is the current winner of the St. Andrews Young Designer Award 2016.


  5. Hannah Tounsend

    Hannah Tounsend is a ceramicist and printmaker creating collections of vessels and monoprints inspired by the British coastline. Hannah has developed an unusual making technique that combines traditional ceramic disciplines in an exciting new way. This innovative making methodology enables her to produce a new type of vessel form that has won various awards, most notably those from the British Ceramics Biennial and New Designers.


  6. Jessica Okoro (BeScience STEM)

    BeScience STEM is a pioneering movement initiated by students and recent graduates, providing means of creatively exploring STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with the whole community.

    The business aims to bring STEM into communities that do not currently have the opportunity to explore the full potential of STEM subjects and therefore are limited in experiencing these and exploring potential career options.

    The business aims to change the misconceptions of STEM subjects from being boring and produce engagement and interest into this field for all ages.

  7. Marcus Dove - Pyrotechnical Art

    There are many routes available to take for Marcus Dove’s Pyrotechnical Art, such as photography and live performances.


  8. Nadine Annette Leah - Nadine Annette

    Nadine has attended a variety of exhibitions, connecting with valuable contacts and aims to target her work at the interior design industry.