Skills Scan

What is a Skills Scan? 

As part of the apprenticeship application process, every candidate completes an online self-assessment, called a Skills Scan. The Skills Scan ensures that the knowledge, skills & behaviours of the chosen apprenticeship standard will be beneficial to the apprentice’s development and meet the business needs. 

Every government approved apprenticeship is a combination of knowledge, skills and behaviours that are required to be competent at the end of the apprenticeship, to perform in the job role. The skills scan certifies that the apprenticeship programme contains sufficient new learning that will support the apprentice’s progression.


DMU Apprenticeships - Skills Scans Explained

Why do I need to complete it?

Apprenticeships are about development. For a candidate to be eligible for an apprenticeship, a significant percentage of new learning must take place. However, each candidate also brings with them prior learning, qualifications and workplace experience. The Skills Scan determines the amount of new development the apprentice will gain. 

This can also impact the cost and duration of the apprenticeship, as employer levy/government apprenticeship funding can only be used towards new learning and development. 

It’s not a job interview?

A common misconception is for candidates to think of the Skills Scan as a ‘job interview’ scenario. It’s not about demonstrating high levels of competency across the questions. The high end of the self-assessment is the desired end goal DMU will support all apprentices to achieve. The Skills Scan should be an honest and candid reflection on current strengths and challenges as well as areas for improvement. 

If a candidate scores highly on the Skills Scan, and their employer and the DMU programme leader feel this is reflective of their current knowledge and skills, there may be other DMU apprenticeships better suited for their career development.  


Who completes it? 

The Skills Scan is shared as an online form, to be completed by the candidate who self-scores each question on a scale of 1-7 (details of each level are contained on the Scan). The candidate then provides supplementary examples and evidence in a text answer.

Once the Skills Scan is complete, a summary will be shared with the candidate’s employer to review. The sections highlighted in blue on the summary are for the employer to input their agreement or suggestions on the candidate’s responses.

The candidate and their employer (line manager) will then join the DMU apprenticeship Programme Leader for an informal interview to discuss the programme, how it will support and develop the candidate’s current abilities and assess the apprenticeship’s suitability.

After the interview, the DMU Programme Leader inputs their feedback into the summary and makes a final decision whether to provide a conditional offer. Once all three parties have completed the sections, the summary is shared for all to add dated signatures and close the process. 



What is the process?

  1. Candidate receives email link to Skills Scan
  2. Candidate completes Skills Scan
  3. Summary provided to the employer
  4. Employer completes sections in BLUE
  5. Candidate, employer & Programme Leader Interview 
  6. Post-interview Programme Leader decision into Skills Scan
  7. Completed Skills Scan signed by all 3 parties 

Find out more

Additional guidance will be provided alongside each step of the process, with information on how to complete the online form, the summary document and how to review the candidate’s answers. 



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