Opportunities Fund

"Education is a human right, with an immense power to transform. On its foundation, rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development."
–Kofi Annan

Enhancing the educational experience

Many of the most treasured memories of students, past and present, come from the enhancement activities they took part in while at university. Such memories may have been formed sweating on a sports pitch, from singing or dancing their hearts out as part of a society, or pushing their brains and skills to the test through entrepreneurial activities. All have enormous importance to our students, and we know these activities have a value beyond any currency.

Additionally, we try and offer students the chance to travel as part of our DMU Global programme, on trips linked to their courses that can improve their learning outcomes. For many students that benefit, especially those from lower income backgrounds, they have never had the chance to travel abroad, or have only ever done so in the context of a family trip to see relatives. To travel is expensive, not just in costs but also in missed earning opportunities; and is especially difficult for any student with care responsibilities for family members.

As such we consulted with students, staff and alumni to create a fund strategically tailored to be of greatest benefit, targeting the type of enriching activities that go beyond the curriculum, and which form lasting and memorable experiences from university. All are areas where limited support currently exists, meaning we know that money from the fund would work, but in which existing funding is stretched very thin. FR Fundraising Badge LR

You are welcome to give to the fund generally, or choose specifically one of the funds that most tallies with your memories and experiences from your time at university.

DMU Global

DMU Global is an international experience programme for De Montfort University students, which aims to enrich studies, broaden cultural horizons and develop key skills valued by employers. Through DMU Global, we offer a wide range of exciting overseas, on-campus and online international experiences for students.

DMU Sport

Being a part of a sporting club or team is one of the most important and memorable experiences many alumni had at university. Regardless of the sport, and the level played at, friendships forged within these clubs continued to bind long into adulthood. As well as the obvious physical health benefits of sporting activity it was and is, for many, a crucial component of sound mental health.

Trading Floor

Join us in breaking barriers and providing opportunity for disadvantaged and outstanding students in Finance and Accounting when you make a regular gift in support of the Trading Floor Project.