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Made From More scholarship programme

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"Education is a human right, with an immense power to transform. On its foundation, rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development."
–Kofi Annan

Supporting our students to succeed through scholarships.

Made from More scholarships are significant financial awards that are made to students to support them in their studies. They are awarded at the commencement of their degree and support them throughout the entire duration of their studies. The support is essential for some students to meet the increasing costs of studying for a degree and living independently.

Scholarships ensure that we don’t lose talented and dedicated students because financial hardship prevents them from flourishing or even completing their degree.

Targeting those in need

Our scholarship programmes are designed to support students with the most financial need.  In addition to that we look to support:

  • applicants who are care leavers;  
  • applicants who are irreconcilably estranged from their parents;  
  • applicants who are a first-generation student i.e. from a family where neither your parent(s) or guardian(s) have attended university and obtained an undergraduate degree or equivalent level qualification in the UK or abroad
  • Hold refugee status
  • applicants who live in a ‘low participation’ neighbourhood. These are areas where low numbers of young people progress to university (you can check your postcode at OfS – search your postcode. Priority will be for those in the lowest POLAR4 young participation quintile).
  • Protected characteristics as defined in the Equality Act 2010.
  • children of military families;  
  • Any additional course or donor specified criteria.
  • PG students and those progressing onto further study.

The scholarship programme is funded through the generosity of philanthropic donors and corporate sponsorship and it is only made possible by the individuals and organisations who support us.

Many of our donors want to be able to recognise someone in their past who didn’t have the opportunity to go to university, or someone who inspired them in their own journey, or perhaps someone who is no longer with us. Donors who give a gift that supports a full scholarship (£9,000 in total, either through monthly donations or a one-off) are able to name that award after a chosen person. A short bio (and a picture if you would like) will be featured below in the ‘current named scholarship section’. FR Fundraising Badge LR
If you would like to find out more about how you can support scholarships at DMU please get in touch at



Having the scholarship has meant I haven't needed to work a job while being at uni. This has meant that I have more time for myself, being able to be more flexible with my university work and being able to spend extra time on some work I didn't understand. I think this has had a major impact on my final grade of the year as without all the spare time I don't think I would have been able to achieve it.

Megan - Stoneygate Scholarship Recipient

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