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Sub-committees of the board

The board has the following sub-committees, each chaired by a governor and has a constitution and terms of reference:

Audit Committee

  1. Peter Tansley (Chair)
  2. Fiona Cownie
  3. Rob Hull
  4. Lisa Capper
  5. Sharon Manikon-Deane

Audit Committee constitution and terms of reference

Ethics Committee

  1. Vacancy (Chair)
  2. Daniel Toner
  3. Diya Rattanpal
  4. Vice-Chancellor
  5. Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise)
  6. Sara Pierson
  7. Vacant

Ethics Committee constitution and terms of reference

Finance and Performance Committee

  1. Daniel Toner (Chair)
  2. Dianne Buchanan
  3. Phil Clarke (co-opted)
  4. Catherine Clarke
  5. Ian Squires
  6. Vice-Chancellor

Finance and Performance Committee constitution and terms of reference

Nominations Committee 

  1. Ian Squires (Chair)
  2. Rob Hull
  3. Phil Clarke
  4. Richard Snape
  5. Diya Rattanpal
  6. Vice-Chancellor
  7. Vacant

Nominations Committee constitution and terms of reference

People and Culture Committee

  1. Beverley Shears (Chair)
  2. Ian Squires
  3. Sara Pierson
  4. Vice-Chancellor
  5. Vacant
  6. Vacant

Remuneration Committee

  1. Professor Fiona Cownie (Chair)
  2. Ian Squires
  3. Dianne Buchanan
  4. Beverley Shears
  5. Catherine Clarke

Remuneration Committee constitution and terms of reference

Guidance for Remuneration Committee: Senior Staff Remuneration and Severance Arrangements 

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