Computer Science graduate takes strides with global fin-tech company

Since graduating from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU), Darren Adeboyejo has secured a job with an international company providing technology services to a range of blue-chip clients.


In his new position as a Data Engineering Consultant at Sparta Global, the Computer Science graduate works with a client that specialises in financial technology. His role includes coding, supporting the process of gathering data from clients, and maintaining the flow of data within the company.

“My DMU degree really helped to prepare me for the role I’m in now,” said the 23-year-old from Bedford.

“While we learned loads of really useful technical skills, we had a number of modules on professional application too, which have really helped me with going into the workplace after graduation.

“There was a lot of emphasis on understanding business in general and how our technical skills and knowledge should be applied in this setting. We learned skills such as coding, but also how businesses operate and what graduates might be expected to do in a professional role.

“Learning how to develop software and how different departments of a company work together before going into the workplace was really valuable.”

Darren also credits his university experiences outside of his degree with helping him to build a strong foundation of skills which have stood him in good stead in his current position.

He said: “At DMU, I had the opportunity to act as a course representative. This involved talking with my peers to gain an understanding of their thoughts on the course and communicating this to staff members of various levels of seniority in faculty-wide meetings.

“Through this role, and while working as a brand ambassador for the Computing, Engineering and Media faculty at open days, I was able to work on skills outside of the lecture hall, such as building on my communication and confidence. I use these skills every day in my professional life while working with clients.”

In the future, Darren hopes to build on what he is learning in his current role while gaining experience and knowledge in a range of areas of computer science and coding.

“I’m really happy with everything I’m learning in my job and I hope to keep gaining experience so eventually I can progress to a more senior position and take on more responsibility with clients,” he said.

“Having the opportunity to apply everything I learned during my degree has been great and I’m excited to see where my career takes me.”

Posted on Tuesday 24 January 2023

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