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DMU students granted free membership to CIISec to understand cybercrime in their industry


As levels of cybercrime continue to rise in scale and complexity, students at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) are being offered the chance to learn about cyber security and how to combat attacks in their future careers. 

The Chartered Institute for Information Security (CIISec), a leading professional body dedicated to raising the standard of professionalism in information and cyber security, has granted all DMU students free membership, providing access to its training resources and exclusive events. 


This exciting opportunity means students from any course at DMUcan learn about cyber security and digital crimes and fraud, to equip them with the knowledge to minimise the risk for their future employers. 

Dr Elizabeth Noon, a forensic psychologist and senior lecturer at DMU, is spearheading the collaboration with CIISec, having worked closely with the organisation through her own research to help people recognise the threat of cybercrime. 

“Cyber and digital are now fundamental elements of all businesses and services, no matter what industry you work in,” explained Dr Noon. “This means that most of us are already using digital information and with that, we have a real potential to be victims of cyber threats. 

“At the rate in which cybercrime is growing, the police are not able to investigate everything and so there is a need to expand professional cyber security and digital investigation knowledge and practice to other professions. 

“By signing up for a free membership with CIISec, our students will have a better understanding and knowledge of cyber security and cybercrime and that will be incredibly beneficial for their future career development.” 

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Students with an interest in cyber security can register for free CIISec membership through My Gateway on DMU’s intranet.  

Those who sign up will gain access to an online portal filled with resources and training materials, as well as access to events by leading experts.

“Most companies tend to think of having one person who looks after all of their cyber and technology issues,” continued Dr Noon, who also works with the Institute of Cyber Digital Investigation Professionals (ICDIP) – an organisation that promotes, develops, and represents the professionalism, integrity and excellence of those operating within cyber digital investigations. 

“But the digital world is moving so quickly, it is becoming more apparent that cyber security is not just the domain of people trained in computing and IT, all individual employees need to be educated in cyber security – everybody needs to understand the risks. 

“This is a growing field that will have increasing relevance for our students so I would encourage everyone with an interest in cyber security to take advantage and sign up for their free membership. It is also a great way to boost their employability.” 

The first event open to DMU staff and CIISec student members will take place on Thursday 20 January at 12pm, hosted by a panel of women from across the ICDIP job families on their journey into law enforcement, cyber and digital investigations and beyond.   

Staff and students can find out how to register for this event on My Gateway here.

Posted on Thursday 13th January 2022

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