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DMU launch campaign to support emergency Covid-19 relief work in India


De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has partnered with a grassroots charity in India to help provide oxygen, food and medical support to thousands of underprivileged communities as Covid-19 spreads through the country.

The university is urging staff, students and members of the public wanting to try and help people in India to donate to the campaign, which is being run by DMU Local and experienced partner Manav Sadhna.

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The charity, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is known for its work supporting underprivileged communities through its community-based programmes, which serve thousands of people daily across five community centres, many of which staff and students from DMU have visited over the last four years to take part in learning and community volunteering.

But with the pandemic taking a serious hold across the subcontinent, resulting in thousands of daily deaths and hospitals running out of vital supplies and space, the charity has started to focus its efforts on helping those affected by the crisis.

Called ‘Project Karuna - phase three’ this new work is based around the three core principles: Tan (body), Man (Mind) and Dhan (Money). The campaign is focusing on three key ways to support; volunteering, education/awareness raising and fundraising.

This means the charity is:

• Distributing grocery kits to the vulnerable and marginalized especially daily wage workers, who struggle to feed their families as a result of loss of income. The grocery kits include 2kg rice and 1kg lentils.

• Promoting awareness and education in under-resourced communities about Covid safety, treatment and vaccinations .

• Purchasing and supplying of Oxygen Concentrators

• Providing medical home care kits

• Supporting home-based Covid care including consultation, medication, medical equipment, moral support and follow-up by trained staff under professional medical care supervision.


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Fi Donovan, Head of Public Engagement at DMU, said: "The news coverage over the past week about the worsening crisis in India has reminded me, like many other DMU staff, students and alumni, of our friends and partners working through Manav Sadhna.

“The time I have been privileged to spend in Ahmedabad with DMU students, was incredibly valuable to me personally and have seen first-hand the impact Manav Sadhna have on the health and wellbeing of the communities they serve and the experiences these visits have on our own students.

 “If we all did a little, we could collectively do so much to help, and so I am proud to be part of the   DMU wide effort to raise both awareness and funds to support this emergency relief work.

 “I encourage all of you to support in whatever way you can - by raising awareness, checking in with people you know who may have been impacted, or giving money where you can.”

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DMU have a longstanding relationship with the organisation and is encouraging staff, students, and alumni to raise awareness and support in any way they can.

Viren Joshi, Founder of Manav Sadhna said: “We are so grateful for the support of the DMU family during this Covid-19 crisis in India.

“Your contribution will help us save lives by providing critical medical equipment and intervention to those with no alternative. We are also supporting daily wage earners with grocery kits to ensure food security for their families.

 “In addition, we are circulating Covid-safety, treatment and vaccination awareness in marginalised communities.

“Every pound goes a long way to enable us to respond safely and effectively on the ground, but also keep sending your love and prayers, so that all may quickly recover from this epidemic. We hope to be able to welcome DMU staff and students back to Manav Sadhna again, we miss seeing you all."


Posted on Wednesday 5th May 2021

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