Coronavirus update: Assignment extensions and the Hardship Fund


Dear students, 

As mentioned in my update on learning and teaching matters on Monday, I’m very conscious that many of you have concerns about how the COVID-19 situation impacts exams, assessments, and deadlines.  


Full information about exams will be available to you on Monday 30 March, but I can confirm that there will be no face-to-face exams at all. I know it is hard not to have all the details yet. We want to try and make sure we have considered all the elements in a very complex situation. 


I am also aware of how disrupted the term has been during the strike period and continues to be due to the nature of the COVID-19 crisis and the changes to your teaching that we have had to make. In recognition of this, I’m pleased to let you know that we have now agreed that any assessment or coursework that is due from Monday 30 March onwards will have its deadline extended by two weeks.   

If your upcoming deadline is soon and you are ready to submit your work, please do and don’t worry—you can submit at any time up until the new extension date.  

I know that there are Master’s student deadlines in Semester 3. At the moment those deadlines stand, but we will keep these in sight and will let you know immediately if any of these deadlines are to change. Some of you may have been notified of revised deadlines already. The two-week extension operates from the original due date and not any new deadlines set by module leaders due to COVID-19. Your programme will make this clear on Blackboard. 

Please check Blackboard on Monday 30 March for submission dates. We want to make sure we get the dates right (for instance, avoiding weekends and bank holidays) and so it will take just a few days to complete the work. I do hope this alleviates some of the stress and worry you’ve all been facing during this crisis period. 

Hardship Fund 

We are pleased to announce that from today (25 March 2020) we will be launching our Hardship Fund for all students remaining in the UK who have been negatively financially impacted by COVID19. Financial support will be available for Home, EU and International students that will provide a contribution towards living costs. The fund is primarily aimed at supporting students who have been unable to work due to illness, self-isolation or the loss of work due to business closures. Students with other circumstances leading to hardship can contact one of our Welfare Officers via

Details of the Hardship Fund, how to apply and the electronic application form are available at the following links: Home/EU students with a maintenance loan from SFE and International/EU students WITHOUT a maintenance loan from SFE). If you have any further queries about this you can email   


I know that the sudden closure of campus has been very stressful. Thank you all once again for your fortitude and patience in dealing with this monumental change to your studies and lives in such a short period of time. I will keep you updated regularly so that you are aware of any new developments to your teaching and learning as soon as possible. 

Please regularly visit the Coronavirus Advice and Information for the latest advice and guidance to many of your questions. We’ll continue to update this daily and ensure you have the information you need to continue your learning journeys at DMU in a virtual way.  

All the best, 

Professor Jackie Labbe 
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) 

Posted on Wednesday 25th March 2020

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