Business lecturer's YouTube channel is an online hit

When Oluwasoye Mafimisebi set up a YouTube channel to help his business students through the pandemic, he never thought he would get hits from all over the world.


His channel, The YouTube Professor, breaks down strategic management, crisis planning, resilience and other essential learning for business students, as well as sharing the latest work on how companies are adapting to the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands of people have watched the videos, including his own students at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU)’s Leicester Castle Business School.

Dr Mafimisebi, who is senior lecturer in strategic management, said: “The idea came because I wanted to do something extra to support my students. After everything moved online you lose that face to face interaction and I think it does make a difference to learning if you’re able to see someone.

“The first video was to address the students’ questions around the topics we were studying. The response was very touching. I think YouTube fills that gap and they do have that personal touch. I had emails saying thank you and asking when the next video would be done and could I talk about different topics.”

His first video, which has had more than 1,000 views, covers essay and exam tips and explores concepts in strategic management. Students can also find help with references, essay writing and explanations of academic theory.

It’s proved popular with audiences, with his playlist clocking up nearly 5,000 views from people all over the world.

Dr Mafimisebi said: “I was not expecting the views to be honest, it has been a pleasant surprise to see so many people are finding them useful.”

The channel is aimed primarily at students but Dr Mafimisebi said that business directors, managers and entrepreneurs could also find the videos helpful.

His research is on crisis and risk, and during the current pandemic Dr Mafimisebi is exploring whether there are factors common to those companies that are coping best with this situation. He is also working with business owners from black and ethnic minority (BAME) backgrounds to see determine how they can recover from the coronavirus crisis.

“Every crisis comes with opportunities. It is a moment of pause, you sit back and see what’s going on around you. I think a lot of businesses will be looking at what they do and asking new questions, thinking differently about how they operate.”

Posted on Thursday 25th June 2020

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