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Health professionals host live webinar to answer patients' questions

Patients will be able to put their questions on coronavirus, lockdown and more to Leicester health leaders in a free online webinar this week.

Willows Health, Leicester Primary Care Networks and De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) are teaming up to host the event online on Thursday July 30 at 7pm. You can register here  

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It comes as the Government is due to make its announcement regarding the extended Leicester lockdown, which was extended until August 1 due to the high number of cases in parts of the city.

GPs will take questions on the effect that lockdown is having on physical and mental health, caring for elderly relatives and work issues as well as offering advice for at-risk groups and preparing for winter.

DMU Professor Ivan Browne, Leicester’s Director of Public Health, will give an update on the Leicester lockdown;  

Dr Rishi Prasad is a partner at Willows Health, the largest GP practice in the city with more than 44,000 patients.

He said: “Our first webinar, which was about coronavirus, had 5,000 views and we received 600 questions from patients which was just incredible. 

“We realised that people wanted more information and we were able to present it in 10 different languages to ensure we reached as many people as possible.

“This time we will be answering more questions from our patients and explaining how they can safely  manage their health. This is more important in Leicester given the particular vulnerability of black and minority ethnic groups to coronavirus. We are in this together.”

Each expert will be covering a different topic:

Professor Ivan Browne, director of public health, Leicester – talking about the Leicester lockdown
Dr Richard Wong, consultant – older people’s care
Dr Rob Hampton, occupational physician – work-related issues
Dr Srinivas Naik, consultant psychiatrist – mental health issues in adults
Dr Irene Valero-Sanchez, consultant in respiratory medicine – what happens in hospital
Dr Jeanette Bowlay-Williams, consultant clinical psychologist – mental health issues in children
Dr Aruna Garcea, clinical director of Leicester City and universities PCN – preparing for winter
Dr Rajiv Wadhwa, clinical director of Leicester Central PCN – at risk groups

Dr Richard Wong and Dr Rob Hampton are associates of the Digital Health and Care Unit at DMU, which helps medical professionals deliver the best digital healthcare to patients.
Posted on Tuesday 28th July 2020

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