DMU academic to help train next generation of game intelligence researchers

An academic from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) will help to train the next generation of researchers in video game intelligence.

Dr Catherine Flick, Reader in Computing and Social Responsibility at DMU, will be part of a Centre of Doctoral Training (CDT) which will focus on developing cutting edge research into video games and the creative industries.

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The Centre for Intelligent Games and Game Intelligence (IGGI) has been given funding by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to continue their role as a CDT.

Dr Flick will work in partnership with academics from York University and Queen Mary University London, where the CDT is based.

Dr Flick, who is one of the foremost ethicists working on responsible innovation (RI) in game design and artificial intelligence (AI), will work with PhD students to provide responsible research and innovation training and will supervise the ethical and social impact of AI in games.

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As well as co-supervising PhD students, Dr Flick will conduct research into how effective the training is, and will develop a specific responsible innovation framework to be used for research into video game AI.

She explained: “IGGI will provide the next generation of researchers in games intelligence and intelligent games; an emerging area where ethics and responsible innovation issues are only beginning to be addressed.

“DMU will play an important role in furthering the understanding of ethical and social impacts of video games, and provide more than 60 students with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure their research and innovation is responsible by addressing these impacts in their work.”

The IGGI works with industry partners including BT, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Splash Damage and Electronic Arts to ensure that research students are able to collaborate with experts, tackle real-world challenges and increase the impact of their research.

The CDT also publishes leading journal papers and books and develops software, prototypes, patents, algorithms, data analytic techniques and games across a range of topics from AI and Machine Learning in Games.

For more information about the IGGI click here.
Posted on Wednesday 20th February 2019

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