More students than ever keen to learn more about volunteering at DMU

A total of 1,200 newly-arrived students have shown an interest in volunteering at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) – a 50 per cent increase on the totals at this stage last year.

Sign ups welcome

The students began signing up at the International Welcome event earlier this month and the numbers kept on growing through a busy Welcome Weekend and at the Freshers’ Fair that saw the total pass 1,000.

DMU’s volunteering programmes offer students the chance to work in the local community through #DMUlocal, on projects such as paired reading in schools and supporting refugee work, or abroad on mass #DMUglobal trips and DMU Square Mile India.

More students signed up at the Business and Law induction fair, which brought the total to 1,200. Last year at this stage, around 800 first-year students had expressed an interest.

Mark Charlton, head of public engagement, said: “I’m delighted by the response from our new students and with their commitment so early in their university lives.

“As a university we are committed to the public good, but it is inspiring to see so many newly-arrived students expressing an interest in volunteering with #DMU Square Mile.

“It has been busy for us from the International Welcome event and that has just carried on this week. It is a great start, but there will be plenty more opportunities for people to get involved as the year goes on.”

Dance student Satya-Sara Khachik, who signed up during the Welcome Weekend, said: “I really like what the university is doing in the community and the fact it is putting so much back into the community.

“I have been involved in dance teaching and I am very keen to work with people on movement – it is so rewarding. A friend of mine worked with refugees in Germany on movement – and I would love to do something similar.”

* Haven't signed up yet? Get in touch with the team at DMUlocal
* DMU shortlisted for two Times Higher awards
* Awareness campaign trains more DMU nurses

Haleema Riaz, who is studying psychology with criminology, said: “I believe that the volunteering will be good experience for me and I am looking forward to it. I am also interested in working abroad and have heard of the work done by the university in India and that is something I would like to get involved with.”

Computer Security student Oscar Ozog, who was proudly wearing his DMU Square Mile T-shirt, from Poland, signed up during the Welcome Weekend.

“I really just like helping people. When I was told what the university was doing for the public benefit, it seemed the right thing to do. I am not sure what I will volunteer in but am looking forward to see what is available.”

Posted on Friday 28th September 2018

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