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Engineering job puts boy racer Bradley in pole position


Landing a job working with cutting-edge technology is the culmination of four years at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) for graduate Bradley Ward.


He secured a role as a research engineer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) – an organisation bridging the gap between university-based research and the development of innovative manufacturing solutions - before graduating with a First in Mechanical Engineering this July.

Bradley joins more than 600 employees working with hundreds of companies across a range of industries, from aerospace and informatics to construction and defence.

The 25-year-old from Devon said: “Getting this job has already proved to me the value of my degree.

“Knowing that I’ll be working with the latest technology and developing prototypes is very exciting. For example, one of the things MTC is currently exploring is 3D-printing metal, which could be a game-changer for many industries.

“The role offers all the benefits of a graduate scheme, like working across different areas of the centre before choosing my preferred path, but with a full-time salary.

“MTC also likes to invest in its people so I could potentially get sponsored to do a postgraduate degree and become a chartered engineer.”


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What set Bradley apart during his MTC interview was completing a year-long placement at the helm of DMU Racing, a team of students working towards the Formula Student competition, which showcases the best and brightest mechanical engineering talent from around the world.

Bradley led DMU’s team of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechatronics students as they worked towards designing, building and racing a Formula racing car.

Under his leadership, DMU Racing notched up its highest ever placing in 2017.

"The placement is really challenging because you go from attending lectures to suddenly leading a team of people from different backgrounds and abilities, as well as managing a tight budget, bringing sponsors on board, developing car parts and so much more," said Bradley.


“I’m really lucky to have worked on such a fantastic project. I’ve developed a broad range of skills and it’s been an invaluable experience that no other placement could have given me.

“My interviewers were also impressed at how hands-on the placement was and that it provided such had a good grounding for industry.”

Bradley’s involvement with DMU Racing started in his first year at the university, during which he was the team’s only welder, building three chassis from scratch.

He has also been one of a select few to race the car at Silverstone during Formula Student, thanks to the racing experience he gained as part of DMU’s Karting society.

Winning ‘best project of the year’ for his research into a design for next year’s car was not only a personal highlight for Bradley, it has also set the team up for a successful 2018/19.

Bradley said: “Discovering DMU Racing was very special, especially meeting people my age with the same passion as me.

“If I’m lucky enough to study at postgraduate level, I’ll definitely be returning to DMU. The lecturers are experts in their fields and the facilities are great.”

Posted on Wednesday 19th September 2018

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