Meet the DMU alumni who work for a truly global company in Hong Kong


It’s not unusual to hear about graduates from De Montfort University Leicester’s (DMU’s) world-renowned Contour Fashion course securing themselves brilliant jobs with global brands.

But in Hong Kong the university can boast having 10 alumni all working for the same company - Clover Group International Ltd.

Eight of the team members at Clover International, who all studied at DMU

Clover Group is one of the leading manufacturers of intimate lingerie, and works with world-famous clothing brands from around the world.

The alumni secured their jobs at Clover thanks to its close ties with the Contour Fashion course at DMU, which sees students offered incredible internships with the Hong Kong giant.

Now current Contour Fashion students are going to visit Clover with their lecturers on Thursday as part of their #DMUglobal trip to Hong Kong and meet the alumni. They can then hear first-hand what it is like to take newly acquired skills to another part of the world for a leading fashion company.

A total of 350 students from across all four faculties are visiting Hong Kong this week and will experience events and activities relevant to their courses to raise cultural awareness and enhance their studies.

Jessica Dawson, who is originally from Loughborough, spent a month working for Clover in 2010. She graduated in the summer of 2011 and started a new life with the company in Hong Kong a few months later in September.

Having spent almost eight years at Clover she is now the Design Team Manager.

Jessica said: “I was so excited when I got the job. I had always wanted to live and work abroad but I never imagined living in Hong Kong. Everything is at your fingertips here and there is so much to do. It is like home here now, for sure.”

Jessica and her partner Craig, who is also from Loughborough, now have three-month-old baby Owen which has strengthened their ties with South East Asia.

So what advice would she give to students thinking of making the big decision to live and work overseas.

Jessica said: “I think you have to be ambitious and be prepared to have your eyes opened to many more opportunities.”

Emily Roberts graduated in 2014 and is a Technical Design Associate and says people should just ‘go for it’ if they have the chance to work for companies like Clover overseas.

She said: “If you are thinking about it just go for it.

“It can be a scary decision to make but once you are out there working for Clover it is worth all the effort.”

Alanah Wilson is the youngest member of the team and graduated from DMU last year.

The Technical Design Trainee for Clover said: “I actually really miss being at DMU. The course leaders and lecturers are just great and I am looking forward to seeing them during the #DMUglobal trip.

“It is hard work here but it has really paid off for me. Hong Kong is an amazing, amazing place.”

Caroline Norris is a Technical Designer at Clover and graduated from DMU in 2015.

She said: “I loved the Contour Fashion course. It was the best thing I ever did. I did not want to go to uni originally but the Open Day at DMU enticed me and I loved studying there.

“If it wasn’t for the industry connections I would not have sent off the email, got an interview and secured a job at Clover. It is pretty cool and a really interesting career to have.”

Posted on Wednesday 21st March 2018

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