More than 250 students head to NYC with #DMUglobal

Students who missed out on a #DMUglobal adventure in New York earlier this year are now jetting off for a second bite of the Big Apple.

More than 250 students from 12 courses across De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) are heading to America with our international experience programme to take part in a wide variety of visits to businesses, sights and organisations across the city.

They will also get the opportunity to spend a day at the United Nations Headquarters for a meeting of the #JoinTogether network, a group of global universities, led by DMU, which have made a commitment to use academic knowledge and research, along with the ideas, enthusiasm and passion of their students, to support refugees and migrant communities around the world.

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Professor Dominic Shellard, vice-chancellor of DMU, said: “I believe there is no #DMUglobal destination, among hundreds, that demonstrates the benefits of openness and integration as persuasively and as indelibly as New York.

“That’s one of the reasons why we are making our second large-scale trip here in six months, and our third in 18 months. Those who took part in unforgettable visits in 2017 and earlier in 2018 tell me that, within days of arriving in New York, they ‘felt part of it’, that New York ‘made you feel welcome’ and that they ‘absorbed so many different cultures’.

“We look forward once again to experience and learn from New York and all it has to offer, to connect with its people and renew and strengthen what increasingly feels like a partnership.”

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Each course has a tailored itinerary to bring to life the topics and skills covered in the classroom, giving experiences to enrich learning and improve students’ chances of getting the career they want.

Business students will visit Wall Street and Bloomberg, to learn more about how and why financial crises occur, while Forensic Science students will visit the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and New York Supreme Court for a special insight into US justice.

Media students can enjoy a tour of the historic NBC studios, where some of the most famous television programmes have been recorded, while Advertising and Branding students can go to a Brooklyn brewery to find out how an artisan brand is developed, before heading to iconic Times Square to see how household names battle to compete on the world stage.

Owen Sheridan, deputy head of #DMUglobal, said: “Final-year students are participating in academic activities linked to their area of study to broaden their cultural horizons and develop key skills valued by employers, ahead of graduating this summer.

“Furthermore, through engagements with the UN, they will be able to act as ‘activist diplomats’ in support of the UN Sustainability Goals and the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies – helping them become globally minded graduates.”

NY cancels 3

In January, more than 1,000 students and staff were due to fly to stateside on our second mass trip to New York - until a “bomb cyclone” (pictured above) intervened.

Travel chaos caused by the winter storm on the East Coast forced airlines to delay or cancel hundreds of flights into and out of the USA, leaving some students unable to make the journey.

To make up for the disappointment, DMU and #DMUglobal gave them the chance to go on this rearranged trip at no additional cost.

Posted on Monday 4 June 2018

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