DMU Degree Show to attract talent scouts and VIPs


Thousands of pounds and industry prizes will be presented to talented final-year students during De Montfort University Leicester’s (DMU) annual Degree Show.


Ria’s plan to harness Berlin’s excess ground water

Opening this Friday, the week-long show boasts spectacular work by students across architecture, art, design, fashion, animation, music production and media production undergraduate courses.

Among more than 4,000 expected visitors will be professionals representing leading brands such as Sainsbury’s, ASOS and Next, as well as VIPs including the Lord-Lieutenant of Rutland.

The inspiring array of work from students in both the Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities and the Faculty of Technology will be exhibited across a number of campus venues, including the landmark Vijay Patel Building.

Architecture student Ria Maisuria’s work is inspired by a trip to Berlin thanks to #DMUglobal, the university’s international experience programme.


Six separate images make up Chris’ stunning photograph

She designed a 21st-century version of the ancient tradition of public baths, as a means to harness excess ground water, which has risen to dangerous levels since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Ria’s multi-level structure features a series of swimming pools which get progressively more intimate in size.

The 21-year-old from Leicester said: “Currently, water pipes around Berlin transport the excess water to nearby canals. I’ve utilised them in my design to take water to and from the pools from a purification system underground. My inspiration came from the Centre Pompidou in Paris. 

“The Degree Show is definitely an important place to showcase your work, with industry experts coming to see what you’re all about. It’s an opportunity that could lead to employment and I’m really excited about it.”

Chris Leach, a Media Production student and Demon TV station manager, is showcasing his photography, including a stunning night landscape image of Durdle Door in Dorset, which is composed of six different photographs.


One of the many powerful stills featured in Mauro’s films

“The photography modules really appealed to me because of the flexibility to be creative and the high-quality equipment we have access to. Being able to work with the latest cameras and lenses inspired me to really push myself,” said the 25-year-old from Cambridge.

“It makes me feel proud that I produced content that is deemed of a high enough quality to be shown at the Degree Show.”

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Fine Art student Mauro Ganhao’s display involves two films, which will be perfectly synched and played opposite each other.

Based on the notions of fear and entrapment, Mauro’s films feature powerful photographs and footage of flowers in contrasting states such as on fire and in ice.


Maisie’s animation for Contact the Elderly was a hit with the charity

The 22-year-old from Lincoln said: “I’ve enjoyed exploring painting and drawing on my course, but photography and video is where my real passion lies.

“I’m going to miss the student life, especially being able to produce what we do with the facilities that we have. But, I am excited to see people’s reactions to my work at the show.”

Working with Contact the Elderly, Animation student Maisie Grant has produced a short film to promote the charity’s work to reduce isolation.

Her hybrid animation combines 2D animation with 2D and 3D background designs, using the weather as a visual metaphor for the character’s moods.

“It was great getting valuable feedback from the charity along the way and I’m so happy that they want to use it as part of their marketing materials,” said the 21-year-old from Epsom, Surrey.

“The Degree Show is a great way to end the year and to congratulate each other on how hard we’ve worked. I’m also looking forward to chatting to any industry professionals who come along.”

DMU’s Degree Show is open to the public from Saturday 16 June to Thursday 21 June (closed on Sunday).

Posted on Tuesday 12th June 2018

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