Class of 2018: Ghanaian politician fulfils his dream with master's degree at DMU


A Ghanaian politician who heads up his nation’s gold and diamond marketing company says he fulfilled his dream by graduating from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU).

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The Honourable Dr Kwadjo Adjei Opare-Hammond is MD and CEO of the Precious Minerals Marketing Company Limited, owned by the government of Ghana, which promotes the development of precious minerals as well as the jewellery industry in the country.

He has also served as a politician sitting in the Ghanaian government’s finance and public accounts committee.

The Hon Dr Opare-Hammond graduated this week with an LLM in International Human Rights Law because he has ‘a passion for the wellbeing of people’.

He has also talked affectionately about his time spent in the city of Leicester, which he rates as being better than London, and how he would love to secure a scholarship so that he can study a PhD at DMU.

The Hon Dr Opare-Hammond said: “I developed a passion from infancy for the wellbeing of people. I have never liked the idea that people can trample on the rights of the vulnerable. People in a privileged position should not look down on the disadvantaged.


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“I must say I am so highly delighted to graduate from DMU. This is a moment that I have been looking forward to for years. I have always wanted to get a master’s degree from a British university and today that wish has been fulfilled.

“This master’s will help me to be a better advocate, pushing for the human rights of our citizens.”


Speaking of his time in Leicester, The Hon Dr Opare-Hammond said: “I like Leicester more than London. London is so overcrowded. It is very easy to find your way around Leicester and I must say that since I have been a student here the people have been so friendly.

“I was here for Leicester City winning the Premier League and I was there on the streets for the celebrations [when they toured the city with the trophy]. I was very proud. I would love to come back here and study for a PhD.”

The Hon Dr Opare-Hammond attended the first of seven Winter Graduation ceremonies which take place at The Venue@DMU. Thousands of students are due to receive their awards from across all four faculties at DMU – The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, The Faculty of Business and Law, The Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities and the Faculty of Technology.

The graduations run from Tuesday to Thursday this week.

Posted on Wednesday 24th January 2018

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