CLEARING 2017: Aleksandra finds new home at DMU

For many people coming to university is their first big move away from home – a decision which is doubly tough when it is a new country you are moving to. But Aleksandra Stradomska reckons that the friendly, welcoming campus at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has made her feel right at home.

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Aleksandra come to DMU from Poland, applying through Clearing to study Music Technology. She wanted to study in the UK and chose DMU after reading about the course, the facilities and seeing the good reviews from other students about the experience.

She has joined DMU Music Society and DMU Polish Society in her first year, and plans to volunteer at the university’s open days to help other international students settle in.

Leicester’s reputation as a welcoming diverse city has also helped Aleksandra feel settled.

She said “My decision to come to DMU through clearing was not only based on statistics but also the general opinion of students I found the clearing process relatively easy. This university is extraordinary! I did not feel this welcoming atmosphere at any other university, or any other place.

“The longer I live here [Leicester], the more I feel a sense of belonging, it is outright addicting. People who work here or study, inspire me every day. The ability to work with professional equipment, experience of culture and people’s views on art and music is what captivated me here from the first day I came to the campus.”

Aleksandra has had to work while studying to help pay rent and bills and found DMU’s welfare team helpful and supportive.

She said: “I’ve had a lot of financial issues and it's been a lengthy process, but my lecturers have supported and helped me so much. The Faculty of Technology advice centre, and DSU is always open for anyone who needs help.”
Moving onto her second year, Aleksandra has opted to help in the DMU open days to help other international students settle in. “This year I will be helping out in the DMU open days to help other students like me I cannot wait to study my Master’s here.

“DMU has given me the opportunity to make my dreams come true, and everyone who I've met here is doing an amazing job.”

Posted on Wednesday 31st May 2017

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