DMU Fine Art grad to exhibit work at world famous Saatchi Gallery


A Fine Art graduate from De Montfort University, whose use of smoke bombs and missile launchers to create his artwork has been grabbing the attention of the art world, is about to have his work displayed at the celebrated Saatchi Gallery.

MARCUS - main

Marcus Dove’s ‘Two Birds and The Sun’ will appear in the START Art Fair which takes place across all three floors of Saatchi Gallery in London and aims to enable collectors, curators, and the greater public to discover new artistic talent.

The Saatchi Gallery is renowned for its support of modern art as well as its ability to court controversy with the media. It is seen as a springboard for new talent to launch their careers. The Saatchi Gallery was the place where artists such as the Chapman Brothers, Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin made their name.

MARCUS - second main

Marcus’s artwork was created by firing paint at a canvas using a homemade missile launcher. He sent pictures of his artwork as well as a video and photos of his missile launchers to the exhibition organisers.

He said: “If I’m honest I didn’t think I’d get in but I just submitted my piece ‘Two Birds and The Sun’ with the video featured on my website on the process of this artwork, along with pictures of my handmade missile launchers. Soon after I was contacted and told my work had been accepted by the panel of judges.

“This is by far the biggest opportunity I have had to showcase my work; being chosen has given me access to international galleries which could potentially lead into some form of representation.

“My initial reaction was just pure happiness that a high end event has deemed my work worthy enough to be included. It will encourage me to make even higher quality work and much more of it. I’m incredibly excited!’’

Explaining his creativity Marcus, 26, said: “My method of art – pyrotechnics - is using materials that can undergo exothermic reactions to produce light, sound, thrust or even colour. I use pyrotechnics to communicate 'creation via destruction’.  A lot of pyrotechnical methods are also used in weaponry and destruction but I like to turn that use around.

“I build homemade missile launchers and small explosives to create art instead of breed hate. Most of my final outcomes represent symbols of freedom.”

Marcus chose to study Fine Art at DMU in 2013, where after enjoying the creative space, became involved in DMU’s Crucible Project, based in the innovation centre.

“The freedom given to me by the tutors and the Health & Safety department, to explore certain boundaries has been invaluable. The facilities I have access to has encouraged me to do whatever I feel necessary. My time studying at DMU was the most important period for my early stages of development, there’s no question about it!”

Marcus is set to showcase his work at START Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery from 14-17 September 2017. It is open to the public. For more information visit


Posted on Monday 19th June 2017

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