Expert in cyber crime appointed new head of Criminology and Criminal Justice

The new head of division for Criminology and Criminal Justice at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) has previously worked with the FBI, the US State department and the Australian government.

Professor Rob McCusker, an expert in cyber crime, corruption, financial crime and other large-scale threats spanning international borders, hopes to bring an increased global perspective to the course.

Prof Rob McCusker main

He is well-respected in the sector and has advised a range of government departments, law enforcement agencies, intelligence organisations and businesses in countries such as America, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Prof McCusker said: "I started at DMU early last month and hit the ground running. I manage 23 members of staff, all of whom are dedicated and passionate, and that of course will make my job that little bit easier.

"Without pre-empting my strategic vision for the programme as a whole, which is being developed, I would like Criminology and Criminal Justice at DMU to reflect both the academic and pragmatic, and to consider and impact upon the global environment.

"In essence, I believe Criminology and Criminal Justice should marry traditional theoretical frameworks and topics with real-world issues and real-world career paths."

Prof McCusker is hoping to bring to DMU his expertise in 'transnational' crime - any crime which crosses a border.


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He said: "I firmly believe that Criminology and Criminal Justice programmes should have an awareness of transnational crime issues and crime types within a range of jurisdictions."

Speaking about any potential additions to the programme, he said: "I hope to bring on a number of new modules, which might include transnational crime, corruption, cyber-crime, terrorism and trafficking. There might also be modules that focus on a crime type but at the global level such as homicide or violence."

His previous academic work has included spells at Teesside University in Middlesbrough and at the Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia as well as being an external examiner for UK universities in the areas of corruption and cyber-crime.

A keen overseas traveller who spent much of his formative years abroad, Prof McCusker has also been a consultant for the European Council, European Parliament and the United Nations.

He is an avid reader with a vast library at home on numerous subjects, and also plays the drums, having both an electronic and acoustic kit, but "only plays the latter when my immediate neighbours are away", he added.

Posted on Thursday 16th February 2017

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