Plenty of cheer for #DMUpride as sports society jumps at chance to show its support


How’s this for a show of support? Cheerleaders from De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) have given the #DMUpride campaign a lift while performing a four hour routine for charity in the heart of the campus.


The members of DMU Saints put on their #DMUpride t-shirts to show their support for the month-long event which campaigns for and celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

At the same time, the team performed a “prep and elevator” move – when the team lifts and holds someone in the air – for four hours to raise money for mental health charity Mind.

DMU Saints are just one of dozens of sports teams and societies who are wearing the #DMUpride t-shirts to their sporting fixtures during February to promote the university’s dedication to diversity.

Team member Maxime Isnard, 20, a Business Management student who is on a year’s placement from France, said: “This demonstrates a sense of togetherness. We all have a feeling of belonging as a result and you build relations with people you did not previously know.

“It makes me feel more of a part of DMU. We do not have anything like this at my university in France. This is exactly why I spend more time at uni here in Leicester.”

Devon Coverdale, 20, a second year Drama & Arts and Festivals Management student, said: “I have a lot of family members who are gay and I know how hard they found it. One relative plays in a football team and it took him a while to come out.

“This sort of campaign really does make a difference particularly with sports societies and teams as it is important we all feel we are equal.”

DMU Saints treasurer Lamah Langelais, a second year Computer Security student, said: “It is important for all of us to feel comfortable with who we are and #DMUpride promotes diversity.”

Talking about the fund-raiser, Devon added: “Mind is a charity that is close to our hearts. I supported the team selecting this charity because of someone I know who suffered from depression and needed the support.”

Dan Winney, Vice-President Student Activities, is pleased with the way the #DMUpride campaign is going.

He said: “Team DMU has always had a history of being a strong community and the #DMUpride campaign highlights the support and togetherness of all of our sports teams and societies.”

Posted on Thursday 11th February 2016

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