Guatemalan MBA graduate takes his job around the world


Now working in Mexico for a top Bulgarian IT company with offices located globally, Guatemalan graduate Juan reflects on how DMU has added value ‘forever’ to his resume.

Gautemalan grad - STORY

Juan Pablo Vivar graduated from the university’s MBA this year and works in business development for Software Group, a company which provides alternative technology solutions to the global finance world.

Juan reflected: “The best part about DMU for me was the people. The people are very open and friendly, and come from literally all over the world; a true personal learning experience.”

He continued: “Having multinational and multicultural working teams was a fascinating and interactive experience.”

Juan was able to make the most out of DMU’s pioneering international experience programme #DMUglobal while at the university, with a two-week summer opportunity to Rennes in northwestern France.

With direct relevance to his master’s, he studied Responsible Management in Rennes, developing his ‘understanding that environmental and social sustainability are possible without undermining profitability and free market’.

Now representing Software Group internationally to clients and at events, Juan says: “I am happy to work for a company with a social focus of financial inclusion.

“I think today’s students should focus on what problems of the world they want to resolve.

“Technology is a great tool to solve today’s problems, and we as human beings are capable of achieving great things with this tool.”


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During his studies, and as a true reflection of just how international DMU is as an institution, Juan travelled and interviewed a group of coffee cooperatives in the southern state of Chiapas, Mexico, as research into the issues faced by small- and medium-size businesses when trying to obtain loans there.

Talking about how employers have viewed his degree, Juan said: “Employers in Latin America are always impressed at people attending university overseas, especially in the UK, because they are aware of the quality of the education.”

“I am highly thankful with DMU for granting me a Business and Law merit scholarship.

“A master’s degree from a UK university will be a value-added academic experience forever on my resume, and employers are aware of the great potential of employees who have studied overseas.”

Continuing to enthuse about his learning experience at DMU, he said: “The quality of lectures is high and some professors even dedicate surgery hours for one-on-one conversations with students to elaborate on specific points of the lectures.”

One of Juan’s professors also arranged a guided visit to the BMW-MiniCooper manufacturing plant in Oxford, which he describes as ‘an unforgettable experience outside the classroom’.

On the merits of studying overseas, Juan continued: “The experience itself makes people grow personally faster and stronger and opens their minds to other cultural realities.

“Another benefit is to strengthen a second language, which is great tool for travel and work.

“Third, meeting people and making friends from around the world is an unparalleled experience."

After joining De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) International Society at the university, Juan said he had ‘made friends from all over the world’.

Posted on Wednesday 24th August 2016

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