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CLEARING 2016: Australian student receives 'unprecedented' support to study at DMU


About to start his second year at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU), an International Relations and Politics student from Australia describes the ‘unprecedented’ support given to international students at the university.


Quinn Franklin came through Clearing to study at DMU in 2015, and says that ‘all the nerves went straight away’ as soon as he spoke to staff at the university.

He said: “Knowing I really liked DMU from my research, the Clearing team were able to begin issuing the necessary visa documents straight away. DMU were just as eager to have me on their team as I was. It made my clearing decision something to be excited for, and ultimately positive.”

Talking about what led him to his decision to choose the university, Quinn said: “I chose DMU as it struck me very much a ‘university for the 21st century’ from my first impression.

“It appeared to have a strong focus on obtaining skills outside of academia while promoting its global-thinking. It just seemed to reflect my character so well. Being at DMU for just one year has made me realise this to be true.”

He continued: “I knew early on that studying for a degree in the UK would be the right step for me as it would give me a strong reputation in the global job market.”

As a truly global university, DMU welcomes students from more than 135 countries.

Chatting about coming to DMU through Clearing, Quinn gave some advice to future students: “Know that your life goals can be achieved even if you have to take an unforeseen path to get there, as long as you stay positive and do enough research to help make the right decision for you.”


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Quinn describes the best part about studying at DMU as the knowledge passed on by experienced academics which will last a lifetime, saying: “To know I've been lectured by people who appear as commentators on live international news, or have written or contributed research to successful papers and textbooks, gives me a thorough understanding that my quality of education is their priority.

“In addition, we're taught in amazing and modern facilities that cater to the various sizes of lectures and seminars.”

Speaking highly of the emphasis DMU places on employability, Quinn added: “Employers know that students have been given the adequate support for life post-graduation, and are able to transition easily into any job they apply for. Talking to many alumni, they see this to be true.” 

He continued: “An industrial placement and the support received from the faculties to get this will change my career in ways I wouldn't imagine if DMU didn't have the drive to make students employable, rather than to just learn.

“It'll put me on a higher step in the career ladder than I thought I would be once I graduate.”

Talking about the benefits of studying overseas, Quinn said: “For me, it's the constant expansion of my mind and the constant questioning of what is normal and what isn't, based on the introduction to new cultures.

He added: “The support DMU provides to its international students is unprecedented. You'll be able to grow and learn in an environment that is accepting and modern.

“The UK is a great place to learn, and by studying at DMU, international students have easy access to explore the entire country.”

Working as a Frontrunner for the university, Quinn has been able to take advantage of one of the many ways students can gain work experience while they learn at DMU, and has helped him ‘enhance the professional skills while studying’ within the department which runs his degree.

Posted on Friday 9th September 2016

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