Leicester City legend Matt Elliott signs for DMU

He’s scored two goals in a Wembley Cup Final, captained his team to their highest-ever finish in the Premier League and was part of a World Cup squad.


Now Leicester City legend Matt Elliott has signed for De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) to help turn our men’s and women’s football teams into champions.

Matt – who was part of Martin O’Neill’s League Cup Final-winning team in 2000, won 18 caps for Scotland and was picked as part of their 1998 World Cup squad – will be working with De Montfort Students’ Union.

Matt said: “I’ll be working mainly with the first teams but I will be able to have an influence across the board.

“It’s a mix of coaching and an analytical role and bringing a more professional approach to the set up.

“I think one of the things that has struck me in the few days I’ve been here has been the enthusiasm of the students – term’s not started and they are already there practising. It’s good to work with people with that passion.”


Matt, who is also part of BBC Radio Leicester’s football commentary team, will be with the teams during their training sessions at Saffron Lane and at games in Aylestone.

The plan is to move to DMU’s dedicated football grounds in Beaumont Leys, which is undergoing a £10million investment, when the site is ready.

Sam Wheeler, sports project officer, said: "How many other universities can claim to have a Premier League footballer as their first team coach? It goes some way to showing how committed DMU is to students and their passion for sport. We can't wait for Matt to get started."

Students are delighted that Matt, who made 245 appearances for the Foxes over eight years, is taking over as their coach.

Manager Chris Franklin said: “I can’t believe I’ve got Leicester legend Matt Elliott as my first team coach. I am literally buzzing!”

Posted on Friday 25 September 2015

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