Competition for DMU students to design Richard III hologram

Could YOU help design a hologram of Richard III for DMU’s Heritage Centre?
Students are being asked for their ideas for a major new heritage project – to create a hologram of Richard III in the place where his body was put on display in 1485.


The arches in DMU’s Heritage Centre are all that remains of the Church of the Annunciation, where the body of the last Plantagenet king was placed following the Battle of Bosworth.
Records show Henry Tudor had the slain monarch’s body laid out in a part of the church called the Choir, an area some 10 feet above the remaining arches, so people could see he was dead.
DMU plans to commemorate this historic link by creating a hologram of Richard III and placing it above the arches, close to where the actual body would have been laid. We are inviting DMU students to help us create this important part of the Richard III story by designing a three-dimensional tableau or still life showing Richard III. There is potential to use some animation or movement.

The design brief is very specific in stating “history records that Richard’s body was naked, battle-wounded and mutilated when it was put on display. It is not desired that the hologram will faithfully represent this as it would not be appropriate…”.

The brief specifies the image should be "sympathetic" and leave any details to the imagination.

The successful students will work with DMU’s Professor of Holography, Martin Richardson, on the creation of the hologram. Students wanting a detailed brief should contact 

Posted on Monday 5 October 2015

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