Creators of visit Innovation Centre to inspire DMU students and graduates

The brains behind a new music streaming platform,, have passed on tips learned on their journey to inspire students, graduates and resident businesses on a special guest visit.


Audiosplitter was created by Adam Goodwin, James Auton and 4music presenter Will Best, after they became frustrated at having no means other than a mutual Facebook group to share music with each other.

Adam said: “Audiosplitter is an electronic music-based social network. It lets you bring music from YouTube and SoundCloud and places like that into one place and build up a network of people who have similar tastes.”

James added: “It was out of a shared idea we all had. We had a Facebook group where we’d share music and that quickly became our primary source of music discovery. This is the essence of what we’re trying to recreate with Audiosplitter.”


As well as sharing the journey of Audiosplitter, Adam, Will and James were also hoping to be a source of inspiration for guests at the event.

Will said: “Starting any business and building up a product is always going to be really hard. It’s useful to speak to people who have been there and done it and get feedback from them because you can always learn things from speaking to the right people.

“It would be great if we’re able to inspire some of the people here and we want them to be able to learn from us, especially from our mistakes.

“Don’t just speak about your idea, actually go out and get on with it. You can discuss an idea so much that you can actually kill it, so don’t be too precious with it, nobody is going to steal your idea.

“Network your idea as much as you can and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

Simon Baines, Innovation Centre Manager, was delighted to welcome Audiosplitter to DMU.

He said: “The event was our first of this kind and we were overwhelmed with the support for it, and the positive feedback we received afterwards has been fantastic.  Leicester’s Start-Ups are telling us what they want and we are thrilled to be able to respond to that demand in this way.  

“Will, Adam and James have launched a truly innovative and exciting music platform, dubbed “Pinterest for music” and this was the first time they have ever publically spoken about their journey so far.

“They were so excited to meet graduates on our Crucible project too, and they gave invaluable one-to-one advice to them prior to their talk. I am so pleased Audiosplitter recognise DMU’s strengths in creativity and innovation and were so giving of their time and energy.”  

Posted on Tuesday 5th May 2015

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