Architecture Plus

Hawthorn Building 00.05
06/03/2024 (12:00-16:00)
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Architecture Plus is a celebration of those in architecture who are working within the profession or within the realm of architectural education PLUS managing additional challenges alongside their day-to-day roles. The event will be chaired by De Montfort University’s very own Victoria Farrow (Associate Professor in Architecture) and Dr Alona Martinez Perez (Senior Lecturer).

This event will host a series of short talks and stories and will spotlight inspiring stories of leadership, talks with others about overcoming adversity, and shared experiences of success despite some of the most difficult circumstances.

Architecture Plus looks to expose barriers within the profession and architectural education and provide positive encouragement through a collective to support an understanding of how to navigate them. Events will celebrate the successes of those living with a disability, hidden or otherwise; a mental health condition; challenging personal circumstances; minority groups; or any other challenge in addition to working as an architect or in architecture today. Through this lens, we will review the systemic inequality and expose the barriers for Architecture Plus and shine a light on how these can be overcome in the hope of bringing about positive change for future generations in order to create an inclusive architecture profession.

This event is open to all.

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