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DMU SDG Event Series: How do we heal our divided communities? With Elon University

01/03/2021 (17:30-18:30)
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In recent times the world has seemed increasingly polarised with big Governments or influential organisations taking positions that increasingly polarise opinions and communities.

Two examples include the rhetoric of the Trump administration in the United States and the divided positions of the United Kingdom over the outcome of the European Union Referendum, (better known as Brexit).

Divisions in society have been compounded by the global pandemic where vulnerable communities have become weaker(1*) and a spread of misinformation on social media has created a disconnect between opposing views on vaccine safety, climate change and other issues crucial to the health of our planet.

In both cases, political leaders have acknowledged a need for healing in our communities. In the US, President Joe Biden has repeatedly referred to his new tenure as ‘a time to heal in America’(2*). In the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called the departure from the EU a “time find closure and let the healing begin"(3*). In both countries there big questions about how this can be achieved.

In online events hosted by the United Nations Academic Impact SDG 16 Hub at De Montfort University, DMU’s SDG16 students from DMU and Elon University, North Carolina, United States, will get the opportunity to discuss problems, debate what is needed and plan what positive action as individuals can be taken in our communities as lockdown eases and we can find ways to bring people together.

Sign up to this event and bring your ideas to answer the challenge of how we work together to we heal our divided communities.


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