What's Your Big Idea?

National Space Centre
31/10/2019 (07:45-09:45)
Impacting Business by Design (IBbD), at De Montfort University, presents an inspiring event for SMEs who are passionate about their organisation’s growth through university collaboration and New Product Development.


Would you like to be inspired and hit the ground running?

Aimed at small – medium enterprises, this event will provide an opportunity to network and engage with representatives from IBbD and DMU as well as the wider business community. It will aim to raise awareness and inspire SME’s to the benefits of collaborating with universities and the many exciting opportunities that are currently on offer, including exclusive access to New Product Development funding.

Delegates will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the New Product Development Process and how, using this and collaborating with universities can improve business growth. IBbD understands that SME’s might be at different stages of the product development process, including: no established idea, not yet ready to engage in New Product Development, or ready to engage.

This event hopes to raise awareness to the SME’s about potential funding options, access to expertise and additional business contacts. So, no matter where in the NPD process, delegates still have the opportunity to engage and collaborate. There will be a case study and informational talks from a variety of different design-based experts and beneficiaries.

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