Law and Technology Conference

Conference Title: Criminal Liability for AI Technology and Cybercrime: China and the Common Law

The papers from this conference, jointly hosted by DMU and the United Nations through UNITAR, will be published in an edited collection by Professor Dennis J. Baker and Professor Joshua Dressler in 2020.

Conference convenor: Dennis J. Baker
Venue: The Civil Court Room, The Castle Business School, Leicester, England (campus map)
Date: Friday 12 and Saturday 13 July 2019

This is an international conference addressing research in Artificial Intelligence and Law with special reference to criminal justice. The Conference brings together world leaders from across the globe including a number of experts from China. The conference is likely to appeal to a very wide international audience not only due to is cross-jurisdictional content, but also because the content is cross-disciplinary. The speakers include computer scientists, lawyers, judges and cyber-psychologists. Due to its focus on the West and China, the conference aims to consider the issue of AI and the Law in a global and comparative context.  

The conference is likely to appeal to a very wide audience including Government agencies, representatives from the National Cyber Security Centre, the Law Commission, other relevant government departments, the judiciary, the criminal Bar, solicitors’ firms, the police, the Crown Prosecution Service, computer scientists, and other groups with interests in criminal law and technology and cyber-security.

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1. “Introduction” (Professor Dennis J. Baker (DMU) and Professor Joshua Dressler (Ohio State University, USA).

2. (Professor Dennis J. Baker, (DMU), Professor Tianhong Zhao, (CUPL, China), “Criminalising Privacy Invasions Facilitated Through Technological Means.”

3. Professor Jonathan Clough, Monash University (Australia), “Between Prevention and Enforcement: The Role of ‘Disruption’ in Confronting Cybercrime.”

4. Dr. Mark Dsouza (UCL Faculty of Laws), “Don’t Panic: AI and Criminal Law 101.”

5. Prof. Gabriel Hallevy, Faculty of Law, Ono Academic College (Israel), “AI vs. IP - Criminal Liability for Intellectual Property Offenses of Artificial Intelligence Entities.”

6. Professor He Ronggong, Wuhan University) and Dr. Lijia Jing, Wuhan University (China), “Positive Obligation, Criminalization and Risk of Cybercrime in Chinese Law.”

7. Lord Hodge (Judge, Supreme Court of the United Kingdom), “Financial Technology: Opportunities and Challenges to Law and Regulation.”

8. Dr. Gráinne Kirwan Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Ireland), “Artificially Criminal: Psychological Aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Cybercrime.”

9. Professor Lao Dongyan, School of Law, Tsinghua University (China), “Accomplice Liability in Cyber-Crime: A Perspective of China.”

10. Professor Li Li Feng, Jilin Law School (China), “The Advocating of Successive Co-perpetrators (sukuzessive Mittaeterschaft) Model in the Handling of Telecommunications Network Fraud Cases.”

11. Professor Monica Whitty (University of Melbourne, Australia), “Human Factors in Cyber Security .”

12. Dr. Wang Hongning (Jilin Law School (China)), “Current Status and Responsibility of AI Crimes in China”

13. Professor Zhang Mingkai (School of Law, Tsinghua University (China)) and Dr. Wang Wenjing (School of Law, Tsinghua University (China)) “The Criminal Protection of Virtual Property in China”.

14. Liang Genlin “Traditional Crime in Cyberspace: Imputation Obstacle, Criminal Law Response and Doctrinal Limitation” (Professor of Peking University Law School)

15. Professor Sadie Creese, Professor of Cyber-security, University of Oxford, “The Cyber Threat That AI Technologies May Pose.”

16. Professor Kevin Bampton (DMU), “The Rule of Law and Cybercrime: The Boundaries of Criminal Law, Warfare, Terrorism and Liability.” 


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