Dr Ahmet Orun

Job: Lecturer (External Assoc. Professor)

Faculty: Technology

School/department: School of Computer Science and Informatics

Research group(s): Centre for Computational Intelligence

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH UK

T: N/A

E: aorun@dmu.ac.uk

W: www.cci.dmu.ac.uk


Publications and outputs 

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Key research outputs

2013-2014   Development of non-invasive diagnostic tools for early signs of diseases by  use of  comprehensive laser speckle imaging methods;  Full funded by Proof-of-principle Studies (HEIF)  Programm   (Advertised in Photonics USA News Magazine, http://www.photonics.com/Article.aspx?AID=56111 

Related Patent: TR9600736(A1)

2010-2012   Computational modelling and predicting  the system behaviours by Bayesian networks (Internal project);  The project aims to exploit inference techniques like bayesian networks to make a human behaviour analysis;  (Support of collaboration was given by University of Birmingham- School of Psychology.

Research interests/expertise

  • Computer/console Game based user identity analysis 
  • Bayesian network applications (biometrics, cognitive psychology, bio-health, genetics 
  • Laser baser optical skin analysis
  • Photogrammetric vision systems & Industrial inspection 
  • Remote Sensing & Satellite data analysis

Areas of teaching

  • Computer vision (GYTE Institute, 1999)
  • Bioinformatics 
  • Image Processing
  • Matlab basics  
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Image analysis of  Pharmaceuticals


PhD in Computer Vision, MPhil (Satelllite Data Analysis)

Courses taught

  • CTEC0704 - Computing Skills & Research (Lab)
  • IMAT3406  - Fuzzy Logic (lab)
  • IMAT3451- Final year project supervisions (computing, Game projects)
  • IMAT2902 Computer Graphics 
  • PHAR5350 - Bioinformatics 

Honours and awards

TUBITAK-MRC (Military Command & Control Information System) Best Project Annual Award 

Membership of professional associations and societies

  • Photogrammetric Society, London (1988-1994) 
  • Oxford Brookes Alumni Association (1993-1994)
  • IEEE Computer Society (2000-2005)
  • Vision Group (Birmingham University, School of Computer Science) 
  • Inclusion into  "Marquis Who's Who in the World" (2005 - 2015).
  • Inclusion into  "Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering (2006 - 2007).
  • Position in  NATO  Electronic Warfare Study Group  (1998-1999)

Professional licences and certificates

  • Laser Health & safety 
  • NATO , EW Study Group Clearance


2013-2014  Proj. Developer - Development of non-invasive diagnostic tools for early signs of diseases by use of comprehensive laser speckle imaging methods. Full funded  by Proof-of-principle Studies (HEIF) Programme

2013  Researcher -Skin analysis and modelling for early detection of skin cancer melanoma by use of multi-spectral images and light interaction analysis. (De Montfort University, RIF)

2010-2012   Computational modelling and predicting the system behaviours by Bayesian networks (Internal project)  

2001- 2003  Researcher- University of Birmingham, School of Computer Sc. Experimental Research on skin cancer Melanoma by computer modelling, Image analysis.

2000-2001  Researcher - University of Reading, Department of Computer Science, Real-time vehicle identification system development software/hardware management, software development, collaboration with Reading Borough Council & CRS Ltd.

1991- 2000  Project Manager - TUBITAK, Marmara Research Centre Information Technologies Research Institute, Intelligent Systems Unit, Gebze – Kocaeli, Turkey, Subject : Command and Control Systems, research & development of  computer vision systems

Recent research outputs

  • Seker, H., V. Uslan, A.B. Orun, E. Goodyer and G. Smith, “Prediction of skin ages by means of multi-spectral light sources”, 36th Annual International IEEE EMBS Conference., Chicago 26-30 August, 2014 , USA.
  • Ustebay, S., A.B. Orun, H. Seker and A.Sertbas.Investigating the amigdala-thread effects on cognitive learning via graphical domains and Bayesian networks.  AIHLS-2014 Conference, Kusadasi. Turkey,  October 19-22, 2014
  • Orun, A.B., Intelligent Laser Speckle Classification, Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligent_laser_speckle_classification

Consultancy work

  • Project Assessment Referee for  EPSRC  (Engineering and Physical Science Research Council,UK), February 2007
  • Consultancy for  PCI image analysis Software package (SiliconGraphics Representative of Turkey) Informatic Co

Current research students

-Nithindharan Ravichandran MSc in Cryptography Algorithms

-Peter Irigbhogbe MSc in Human-Remote Cognitive Data collection for intruder  behaviour analysis 

-Stephen Paul - MSc in  Dynamic web content for cognitive human-machine interaction 

-Cedric Carteron - MSc. in Computer Vision by mobile devices

-Luke Vella Critien - MSc. in Artificial Intelligence & Data Mining

Externally funded research grants information

2013-2014  (Proof-of-principle Studies (HEIF)  Development  of  non-invasive  diagnostic tools  for early signs  of  diseases  by use of  comprehensive  laser speckle  imaging methods,   Full funded (£25K) 

Published patents

1.  Object type determination by the laser interactive photogrammetrical                                  technique.  (Pat. No: TR9600736(A1))

2.  Camera resolution enhancement in artificial way for the stationary scenes                        (Pat. No: TR 1996-1038B)

3.   Laser-optical smoke and gas detector (Pat.No : TR9900544 )

Professional esteem indicators

  • I am the "Orun & Natarajan Satellite Sensor Model" developer. Nowadays most commercial products use a sensor model are based on this work.  Publication : “A Modified bundle adjustment software for SPOT imagery and photography : A tradeoff”, Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing, December 1994. (References : KOMPSAT-1, SPOT-DEM, SPOT-pseudo, Stereo,Sensor model, ) (The sensor model .developed has been used for the satellites; SPOT, KOMPSAT-1, IKONOS) (the paper has over 60 citations)
  • Inventor of  3 patents
  • Inclusion into  "Marquis Who's Who in the World" (2005 - 2015).
  • Inclusion into  "Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering (2006 - 2007).

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