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Dr Tarsem Sahota

Job: Post Doctoral Fellow

Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

School/department: Leicester School of Pharmacy

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH.

T: +44 (0)116 250 6972 / +44(0)116 250 6220




Personal profile

  • Development of artificial pancreas
  • Delivery of insulin by self regulation
  • Structure and behaviour of insulin in solution
  • Polymerisation and covalent structures of proteins and polysaccharides, e.g. lectins and glucose polymers
  • In vivo studies
  • Development of a triggered dermatological formulation for the treatment of psoriasis
  • Physiological parameters for exercise in diabetes.

Research group affiliations

  • Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
  • National Physical Laboratory
  • IOCT, De Montfort University
  • Renfrew Group, Leicester

Key research outputs

Taylor, M. J., S. Tanna, et al. (2008). "UV Cross-Linked Dextran Methacrylate - Concanavalin A Methacrylamide Gel Materials for Self-Regulated Insulin Delivery." Drug Dev Ind Pharm 34(1): 73-82.

Taylor M J, Tanna, S., Sahota, T. S. et al “Glucose-sensitive gel rheology of dextran-concanavalin A mixtures suitable for self-regulating insulin delivery” Pharmaceutical Development and Technology 15(1):80-8, 2010.

Taylor M J, Sahota, T. S. “In vivo study of a polymeric glucose sensitive insulin delivery system using a rat model” Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9, 10, 4215-4227 2010.

S., Sahota, Sawicka,  Taylor M J, Tanna, , T. S. “Effect of varying molecular weight of dextran on acrylic derivatised dextran and concanavalin A glucose-responsive materials for closed-loop insulin delivery” Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy, 2011, Mar;37(3):351-8.

Research interests/expertise

  • Insulin physico-chemistry
  • Diabetes control
  • Drug delivery
  • Rheometry (viscosity of gels and sols)
  • Engineering and design of devices for drug delivery
  • Physiological parameters for exercise in diabetes.

Conference attendance

Taylor, M. & Sahota, T. Glucose-sensitive insulin delivery in vivo - an artificial pancreas? (Poster) 3rd International Conference on Advanced Treatments and Technologies (ATTD) Basel Feb 2010

Sahota T.S. & Taylor M.J. Competitive displacement of blue dextran by cibacron blue in dextran albumin gels? (Poster) Intern. Symp. Control. Rel. Bioact. Mater, Controlled Release Society, Inc. Portland, Oregon 2010

Sahota T.S. & Taylor M.J. Closed Loop Delivery in the Pig (accepted poster) Controlled Release Society Annual Symposium, Quebec, Canada 2012

Key articles information

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e.g ‘Outputs, e.g. selected publications’ produced since January 2008

Consultancy work

  • Polymer synthesis
  • Rheology
  • HPLC
  • Pressure measurements
  • Diabetes
  • Focus groups and survey design
  • GPC

Externally funded research grants information

Co-Investigator on the following grants:

  • NEAT funding (£278k)
  • HFCE matched funding (25k)
  • Edith Murphy Foundation 2008 (£50k)
  • Edith Murphy Foundation 2011 (£200k)
  • Lachesis (£5k)