Miss Natasha Dale

Job: PhD student

Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

School/department: School of Allied Health Sciences

Research group(s): Institute for Psychological Science

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: N/A

E: p2556410@my365.dmu.ac.uk


Personal profile

My work interests have always regarded the intersectionality of gender identity or presentation, and sexuality. My most recent project takes a step back from prejudicial attitudes to investigate the socially acceptable beliefs which are at play. I am hoping to add more quantitative evidence for the theory of heteronormativity, through investigating it at the individual level, as an attitude.

Research group affiliations

Research interests/expertise

Sexuality and Gender Identity Prejudice,Heteronormativity, Homonegative and Transnegative Attitude.


MRes (2019), BSc Psychology with Clinical (2017)

PhD project


Predictors and Prejudicial Outcomes of Heteronormative Attitudes


This thesis which will focus on explicitheteronormative beliefs and their associated outcomes. As much of the research regarding heteronormativity has been conducted by philosophy and sociologydisciplines (such as the work of Foucault, Butler and Rubin). This point was illustrated recently, in work which called for integration of this knowledge, into PhD project abstract psychology research (Morgenroth & Ryan, 2020). Awareness of this has been used to identify research points of most impact, and the thesis will address both methodological and theoretical developments. Little work has considered heteronormativity quantitatively,outside of the work from Janice Habarth (2015; 2019).This is because the theory is routed in qualitative sociological literature and has also taken on several forms of perspective. This stems from the oppression of queer people being from several sources and having many different manifestations and contexts (Marchia &Sommer, 2019). From samples both based on most referenced literature and a randomised search, Marchiaand Sommer found that there were no clear common or consistent uses of heteronormativity, since Warner’s definition. However, they did argue that although conscious consistency in definition of heteronormativity was not present, that the literature samples did follow four distinct perspectives. This was present in both the sample which had intentional referencing to the definitive work, and the with the same perspective without reference to the definitive work (Marchia & Sommer, 2019). One of the outcomes from this thesis therefore will be to situate itself within one of the four distinct perspectives. Not only will this contribute to the theoretical development of heteronormativity, adding weight and clarity to arguments already made by researchers such as Janice Habarth (2015; 2019), but it will also demonstrate better practice for research going forward.



Name of supervisor(s)

Natasha Dale