Dr Motje Wolf

Job: Lecturer in Education Studies

Faculty: Health and Life Sciences

School/department: School of Applied Social Sciences

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH.

T: ext 8853

E: mwolf@dmu.ac.uk

W: http://ears2.dmu.ac.uk


Personal profile

Motje Wolf follows two main research interests: Vocal Education and Technology Enhanced Music Education.

Technology Enhanced Music Education

Motje is an internationally published researcher in the field of technology enhanced music education. She has taken up a full-time VC2020 lecturer post in the Education Division of De Montfort University (DMU) which includes protected time for research in 2015. Prior to this, she has worked as Research Assistant in the EARS 2 project (http://ears2.dmu.ac.uk), an EU funded international educational research project at the Music, Technology and Innovation (MTI) Research Centre at DMU.

Motje’s research focuses on music education related to music technology, especially on teaching sound-based music within the music classroom. She has conducted studies regarding the pupil’s and the teacher’s experience of teaching and learning sound-based music. In her doctoral thesis The Appreciation of Electroacoustic Music – An Empirical Study with Inexperienced Listeners she developed investigated the change of inexperienced listeners’ appreciation of electroacoustic music.

Vocal Education

Being a professional singer herself, Motje has developed a strong interest in different teaching models of singing. In her current research project Models of Vocal Education (MOVE) she investigates the models that form the basics of singing teaching. Furthermore, she is interested in enhancing the pedagogical practice for working with young voices. 

In the Education Studies Division, Motje teaches on the module “Researching Childhood” for 2nd year BA students and is module leader for the MA module “Assessment and the Curriculum”.

Motje is happy to supervise PhD and MA students interested in Music Education. Please feel free to contact her for further information.

Key research outputs

  • Wolf, M. (2013) ‘The Appreciation of Electroacoustic Music – The Prototype of the pedagogical ElectroAcoustic Resource Site’ in Organised Sound 18 (2).
  • Wolf, M. (2013) The Appreciation of Electroacoustic Music – An Empirical Study with Inexperienced Listeners, PhD E-thesis. Available from: https://www.dora.dmu.ac.uk/xmlui/handle/2086/8680
  • Wolf, M. (2009) ‘Thinking about Noise’ in Wolf, M. (Ed.) Proceedings of Sound, Sight, Space and Play 2009, Postgraduate Symposium for the Creative Sonic Arts, De Montfort University Leicester, United Kingdom, 6-8 May 2009, http://www.mti.dmu.ac.uk/events- conferences/sssp2009
  • Böhme-Mehner, T., Mehner, K, and Wolf, M. (Eds.) (2008) Electroacoustic Music: Technologies, Aesthetics, and Theories – a Musicological Challenge, Essen: Die blaue Eule. 
  • Böhme-Mehner, T. and Wolf, M. (Eds.) (2006) Musik zwischen ästhetischer Interpretation und soziologischem Verständnis, Essen: Die blaue Eule. 

Research interests/expertise

  • Music Education
  • Vocal Pedagogy
  • Music Technology
  • Sound-based Music
  • Electroacoustic Music
  • Curriculum Design
  • Music Psychology
  • Music Sociology
  • Systems Theory
  • Logic and Music

Areas of teaching

  • Dissertation/major research project (MA)
  • Dissertation (BA)
  • Researching Childhood (BA, year 2)
  • Curriculum and Assessment (MA)


  • PhD – Musicology (field: Music Education), De Montfort University Leicester, UK
  • MA – Musicology and Dramatics, University of Leipzig, Germany

Courses taught

  • Music, Media and Community Arts (BA Music Technology and Innovation, year 3)
  • Music in the Life of the Primary School (BA Education Studies, year 2)
  • Technological Transformations in Learning (BA Education Studies, year 2)
  • The Philosophy of Education (BA Education Studies, year 2)
  • Assessment and the Curriculum (MA Education Practice)Introduction to
  • Contemporary Music (BA Musicology, year 1 – Leipzig University Germany)

Key research outputs

  • The pedagogical ElectroAcoustic Resource Site (Workshop)
    2014 at Researching Music, Education and Technology, SEMPRE conference.

  • The Appreciation of Electroacoustic Music 2013 at Research Seminar of the Music Department of University of Aberdeen, invited by Prof. Pete Stollery

  • Introduction to Compose with Sound Software (Workshop for Students)
    2013 at University of Aberdeen, invited by Prof. Pete Stollery.

  • Composing With Sounds (Workshop) 2013 at From Tape to TypeDef, Compositional Methods in Electroacoustic Music, University of Sheffield

  • Learning through ‘Music as a Process’. 2012 at Music as a Process. Symposium at the Universities of Surrey and Huddersfield.

  • Electroacoustic Music Education. 2011 at Sound, Sight, Space and Play 2010, peer-reviewed International Postgraduate Symposium for the Creative Sonic Arts, De Montfort University Leicester, United Kingdom.

  • Vom Hören und Zuhören. Ein Weg zu elektroakustischer Musik. (=From Hearing to Listening. A new Approach to Electroacoustic Music)

  • 2010 at Mobility and Change in Music: Music and Music Research in International Context.

  • International Congress of the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung Rome, German Historical Institute, 2-6 November 2010.

  • Teaching Listening Strategies. A way to enhance appreciation?  2010 at Sound, Sight, Space and Play, peer-reviewed International Postgraduate Symposium for the Creative Sonic Arts, De Montfort University, United Kingdom.

  • That's not music. Research around the pedagogical ElectroAcoustic Resource Site.
    2010 'Convergence and Confluence - shared ground in musical research', Royal Musical Association post-graduate symposium, University of York, United Kingdom.

  • Zugang durch Lernen – das pädagogische Projekt EARS II

  • Keynote Talk, co-presented with Prof. Leigh Landy 2009 Biennale Next Generation, Zentrum für Musik und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Germany.

  • Thinking about Noise New Definition of Noise Music following systems theory approach. 2009 Sound, Sight, Space and Play 2009, peer-reviewed International Postgraduate Symposium for the Creative Sonic Arts, De Montfort University Leicester, United Kingdom.

  • EARS II – Time for a new Approach to electroacoustic Music 2008 SysMus08, peer-reviewed Postgraduate Conference for Systematic Musicology, Graz, Austria.

  • EARS II – The ElectroAcoustic Resource Site for Children 2008 Midlands Musicology Forum, Nottingham, United Kingdom.

  • Sprach|Raum – eine Annäherung an die Musique anecdotique von Luc Ferrari
    2007 International Symposium Electroacoustic Music: Technologies, Aesthetics, and Theories – a Musicological Challenge, Leipzig, Germany

  • Zum musikalischen Spektrum einer politischen Jugendkultur am Beispiel der ‚Schulhof-CD’ der NPD 2006, at Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock, Germany, invited by Prof. Hartmut Möller.

  • Zur Entdifferenzierung des Konzertsystems Further development of systems theory by Niklas Luhmann 2004, International Symposium Musik zwischen soziologischem Verständnis und ästhetischer Wahrnehmung, University of Leipzig, Department of Musicology, Leipzig, Germany.

  • Komponieren oder der Wechsel zwischen marked und unmarked space
    Calculus of distinctions by George Spencer Brown transferred to the process of composing 2003, conference of the subsection systematic musicology, Gesellschaft für Musikforschung, Leipzig, Germany.
Motje Wolf

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