Dr Kerry Quincey

Job: Senior Lecturer in Psychology

School/department: School of Applied Social Sciences

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: 0116 207 8781

E: kerry.quincey@dmu.ac.uk


Personal profile

Dr Quincey's areas of specialism are health psychology, specifically critical health topics, and qualitative research methods. Her research interests include lived experiences of chronic illness/long-term conditions, men's health, health inequalities and the health and wellbeing of members of marginalised and/or minority patient populations, and visual methodologies.

Dr Quincey's Ph.D. research explored British men’s experiences of living with and beyond a breast cancer diagnosis, using a combination of verbal and visual research methods. Her published research to date primarily centres on furthering understandings about men and breast cancer, leading to established collaborative partnerships with national and international breast cancer charities and the NHS, and in 2020 she co-founded 'The Men's VMU'; a dedicated online support resource for men living with and beyond breast cancer diagnosis.

Research group affiliations

  • Institute for Psychological Sciences
  • Health Psychology cluster

Key research outputs

  • Williamson, I., Quincey, K., Lond, B., & Papaloukas, P. (2022). Unanticipated voices? Reflections from our ongoing ‘adventures’ with participant authored photography, interviewing and interpretative phenomenology. In press, journal pre-proof: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.metip.2021.100062
  • Quincey, K., Williamson, I., & Wildbur, D. (2021). Men with breast cancer and their encounters with masculinity: An interpretative phenomenological analysis using photography. Psychology of Men & Masculinities. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1037/men0000344

  • Trusson, D., & Quincey, K. (2021). Breast Cancer and Hair Loss: Experiential Similarities and Differences in Men’s and Women’s Narratives. Cancer nursing44(1), 62-70. doi: 10.1097/NCC.0000000000000745

  • Wilde, L., Quincey, K., & Williamson, I. (2020). “The real me shining through M.E.”: Visualizing masculinity and identity threat in men with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome using photovoice and IPA. Psychology of Men & Masculinities, 21(2), 309–320. https://doi.org/10.1037/men0000220

  • Quincey, K. (2018). Stop marginalising men with breast cancer. The Conversation. https://theconversation.com/stop-marginalising-men-with-breast-cancer-104873

  • Papaloukas, P., Quincey, K., & Williamson, I. (2017). Venturing into the visual voice: combining photos and interviews in phenomenological inquiry around marginalisation and chronic illness. Qualitative Research in Psychology. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/14780887.2017.1329364                                                                     
  • Quincey, K., Williamson. I., & Winstanley, S. [2016]. “Marginalised malignancies”: A qualitative synthesis of men’s accounts of living with breast cancer. Social Science & Medicine, 149, 17-25. http://doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2015.11.032

Research interests/expertise

  • Health inequalities, inc. marginalised/minority patient populations
  • Chronic illness/ long-term conditions
  • Men’s health & wellbeing
  • Psycho-oncology 
  • Visual research methodologies

Areas of teaching

  • Health Psychology
  • Qualitative Research Methods 


  • Ph.D in Health Psychology
  • MSc Health Psychology
  • PGCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • BSc (Hons) Human Psychology

Courses taught

Psychology BSc (Hons)

    • Core Areas of Psychology (Level 4)
    • Psychology Project (Level 6)

Health Psychology MSc

  • Theories and Perspectives in Health Psychology
  • Critical and International Perspectives on Health
  • Research Methods and Data Analysis for Applied Psychologists
  • Advanced Applied Psychology Dissertation

Doctoral Training Programme

  • Reviewing literature with rigour and quality
  • Using visual methods in qualitative research

Honours and awards


Membership of external committees


Membership of professional associations and societies

  • Chartered Psychologist status with the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • BPS Qualitative Methods section, since 2018
  • BPS Division of Health Psychology, since 2011

Professional licences and certificates

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) since March 2020


Co-founder of The Men's VMU  - an online support group for men with breast cancer. (Twitter: @themensvmu) 

Forthcoming events


Conference attendance

  • Wilde, L., Quincey, K., & Williamson, I. [2019]. Visualizing Masculinity and Identity Threat in Men With M.E./CFS: A Photo-Phenomenological Study. Oral presentation delivered July 15th at the International Society of Critical Health Psychology’s Bi-Annual Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • Quincey, K., Williamson, I., & Wildbur, D. (2018). Encountering and enacting masculinities in the context of breast cancer: A multi-method qualitative inquiry. Oral presentation delivered August 24th at the European Health Psychology Society’s Annual Conference, Galway, Ireland.
  • Quincey, K., Williamson, I.*, & Wildbur, D. (2017). Shifting masculinities amongst men diagnosed with breast cancer: A multi-method inquiry. Poster presentation delivered August 30th at the European Health Psychology Society’s Annual Conference, Padova, Italy.
  • Quincey, K., Williamson, I., & Wildbur, D. (2017). Benefit-findings and the emergence of revitalised masculinity in men with breast cancer: A multi-method phenomenological study. Oral presentation delivered 7th July at the Qualitative Methods in Psychology (QMiP) Biennial Conference, Aberystwyth, UK.
  • Williamson, I., *Papaloukas, P., *Quincey, K., Lond, B., & Akhtar, Y. (2017). Using Photography in Phenomenological Research in The Context of Chronic Illness and Disability: A Reflective Overview. Oral presentation delivered at the Qualitative Health Research Network 3rd International Symposium, University College London, UK.
  • Quincey, K., Williamson, I., Wildbur, D., [2016]. Exploring men's breast cancer experiences through an ethno-photographic lens: A multi-method phenomenological study. Oral presentation delivered August 25th at the European Health Psychology Society’s Annual Conference, Aberdeen, UK.
  • Quincey, K., Papaloukas, P., Williamson, I., Fish, J., & Wildbur, D. [2016]. Combining photographs with interviews in the context of phenomenological research around chronic illness: an evaluation. Poster presented August 25th at the European Health Psychology Society’s Annual Conference, Aberdeen, UK.
  • Quincey, K., *Shokuhi, S., Williamson, I., Wildbur, D., & Appleton, D. [2016]. Men and breast cancer: What do we know and what do we need to do differently. Poster presented May 16th at the Association of Breast Surgery Conference, Manchester, UK.
  • Quincey, K., Papaloukas, P., Williamson, I., Fish, J., & Winstanley, S. [2015]. Integrating photographs with phenomenologically oriented semi-structured interviews: Challenges and opportunities. Oral presentation, delivered September 4th at the Qualitative Methods in Psychology (QMiP) Biennial Conference, Cambridge, UK.
  • Quincey, K., Williamson, I., & Winstanley, S. [2014]. “Marginalised malignancies”: A critical qualitative synthesis of men’s constructions and experiences of male breast cancer. Oral presentation, delivered July 8th at the Men’s Health and Wellbeing: Critical Insights conference, Leeds, UK.

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Consultancy work


Current research students

Current PhD students:

  • Nicholas Shaw. Title: A lifespan exploration of the recovery processes through depression utilising photography. Supervisors: Kerry Quincey (1st), Iain Williamson (2nd).
  • Benjamin Lond. Title: Exploring Younger Peoples’ Experiences, Challenges and Strategies in Living with Mesothelioma. Supervisors: Iain Williamson (1st), Kerry Quincey (2nd), Lindsay Apps and Liz Darlison (3rd).

Externally funded research grants information


Internally funded research project information

DMU's IPS Research Funding November 2020  - Project Title: “Setting priorities for lobularbreast cancer research; a patient-led consensus study.”Role: Co-investigator. Application submitted on 18th November 2020. Awarded £990.80

DMU's IPS Research Funding March 2019  - Project Title: “Exploring the experiences of gay and bisexual men diagnosed with breastcancer using photo-interviews.” Role: Principal Investigator. Application submitted on 10th March 2019. Awarded £543.60


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Collaborative Partnerships

  • NHS  - Leicester's Glenfield Hospital Breast Care Centre
  • Male Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC)
  • Walk the Walk
  • Against Breast Cancer