Dr Hillary Shaw

Job: Visiting Fellow

Faculty: Business and Law

School/department: Leicester Castle Business School

Address: De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, LE1 9BH

T: 0116 257 7826

E: hillary.shaw@dmu.ac.uk

W: https://www.dmu.ac.uk


Personal profile

Dr Hillary J. Shaw has held posts at the University of Southampton, where he conducted research into the effects on local communities of the expansion of Tesco supermarkets, also the University of Leeds and Audencia (Nantes Business School), France.  His doctorate, awarded by the University of Leeds in 2004, addresses the economics, geography and sociology of food consumer choice and obesity, particularly the dynamics and evolution of the food desert phenomenon.

The author of many journal articles, book chapters and reports, his first monograph, The Consuming Geographies of Food: Diet, Food Deserts and Obesity (Routledge 2014), examines the development of the current global food system and discusses how sustainable and accessible political and economic structures for feeding the future global population of ten billion can be achieved.  A further monograph, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Justice and the Global Food Supply Chain (Routledge 2019), explores CSR in relation to food justice, food policy and the environment, the food retailing industry and its global supply chains.

Hillary is currently investigating the effects of austerity on the health and obesity of deprived regions of Britain, including South Wales, Manchester and Humberside.

Research group affiliations

Centre for Urban Research on Austerity (CURA)

Research interests/expertise

Sustainable economic development, austerity and inequality, corporate social responsibility, the integration of global and local food systems

Areas of teaching

Consumer economics and sociology, particularly in relation to diet and health, corporate social responsibility, food retailing, business ethics, economic geography


BA Hons (University of Lancaster) 1992

PhD (University of Leeds) 2004

Key articles information


  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Justice and the Global Food Supply Chain (2019) Routledge, 240pp.  An interdisciplinary exploration of the effectiveness of regulatory frameworks and current CSR initiatives, in relation to the supermarket industry and national and global food supply chains.
  • The Consuming Geographies of Food: Diet, Food Deserts and Obesity (2014) Routledge, 210 pp)  An interdisciplinary critical analysis of the various spatial and non-spatial factors mediating inter alia food access, economics, health and diet.


  • Community & Communications 2018 This book, available on Amazon or (with preview) at http://fooddeserts.org/images/Bookshop.htm  A comprehensive encyclopaedia of essential socio-demographic and economic information on every country in the world; uniquely it traces the evolution of a wide range of societal data back for several centuries, providing data unavailable anywhere else on the Internet

 Refereed Journal Articles

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Chapters in Edited Volumes

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 Book Reviews

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Food Desert and Food Justice Website

  • The website www.fooddeserts.org explicates a range of topical issues and developments connected with the food desert phenomenon, in the UK and worldwide. It covers the definition and development of food deserts, physical access to healthy food retailing, the evolution of food retailing from small shops and from supermarkets, and associated financial changes.
  • In additionwww.fooddeserts.org provides historical and social resources detailing demographic, economic, political, social and technological changes worldwide, by date-series, by country, and by socio-economic topics. Data is also presented in choropleth map form. These materials constitute a useful research and teaching resource.
  • This site currently attracts around 3,500 visitors per month and is ranked in the top 1% of websites worldwide (Webuka).